What is the SLASSCOM Recommended People Practices document?

This is an extension to the SLASSCOM Code of Ethics, especially focusing on people practices. The higher demand for post pandemic digital transformation has led to a higher demand for IT labor and thus a red ocean for talent.

It is important that all companies follow ethical practices when carrying out their talent acquisition and related functions to ensure that the IT/BPM industry of Sri Lanka forges forward and achieves the industry goals.



  1. Integrity - We shall practice integrity and respect during professional affiliations with all members of SLASSCOM, and all others with whom we collaborate within a professional capacity.


  1. Honesty & Trust - We believe that honesty & trust is key in building professional relationships, and so will act in such a way during our professional dealings with customers / clients (actual and potential), and employees.


  1. Confidentiality - We shall take into account and care for the rights of individuals, especially in terms of procurement and circulation of information warranting accurate communications and facilitating informed employment related decision-making.


  1. Collaboration & Coexistence - We are aware that the growth & output quality of our industry is dependent on the coexistence of all active IT & BPM sector companies e.g.
  1. Active participation in industry surveys - When participating in industry surveys, we shall always share accurate information or refrain from participating in instances where we are unable to share details in a truthful manner.


  1. Professionalism - We vouch to always seek new talent into our company in a professional and ethical manner & avoid poaching
  1. Assess candidates without any form of discrimination
  2. Advance with the hiring process in a timely manner & a steady cadence
  3. Maintain transparency throughout the recruitment process & communicate professionally and sincerely with job candidates


  1. Compliance - We respect, and comply with all the relevant employment laws of the country in which we are operating. ( )


  1. Responsibility - We vouch to always conduct ourselves in a responsible manner as an employer and practice sound management.


  1. Commitment & Volunteerism - We are committed to contribute to the vision of positioning Sri Lanka as the “Island of Ingenuity” and encourage our employees to do the same via being active volunteers in SLASSCOM’s initiatives.


  1. Commendation - We shall always acknowledge & award proper credit for professional performance to those to whom credit is due.


  1. Reputable - As a member organization, we shall operate honorably in order to uphold the reputation of the profession and avoid any actions that could potentially bring disrepute to the profession.



  1. Integrity - I shall always act with integrity as I understand the importance of being truthful & compliant when it comes to fulfilling my contractual obligations to my employer e.g.
    1. Serving stipulated notice period upon resignation.


  1. Honesty - I shall NOT falsely declare any skills & competencies that I do not possess e.g. Falsify / misrepresent qualifications, experience and prior responsibilities of my own or of others.


  1. Growth Oriented - I shall always seek to grow & improve my professional skills, knowledge and competence on a continual basis, while being alert on technological developments, procedures, and standards that are applicable to my field.


  1. Responsibility - I shall perform my professional responsibilities with due diligence in line with my employer’s requirements while utilizing & applying my professional judgment at all times.


  1. Transparency - I seek to withdraw from any situation that can potentially result in a conflict of interest between myself and my employer e.g.
    1. I shall declare any external engagements other than my core employment to my employer.
    2. I shall maintain transparency with my employer(s) or clients in terms of all employment related matters including financial interests which could result in a conflict, and I vouch to not entertain any decisions that have been identified as a conflict of interest.


  1. Commendation - I shall always acknowledge & award proper credit for professional work to those to whom credit is due & shall pay heed to intellectual property rights of others.


  1. Reputable - I accept my personal responsibility in terms of upholding the reputation of my profession and vouch to not take any action that could potentially bring my profession/ industry into disrepute e.g.
    1. At the time of having multiple employment opportunities, I will honor my commitment in terms of an employment offer once it has been accepted eg

avoid seeking employment offers for the sole purpose of improving my negotiability for a better remuneration package with my current employer.


  1. Supportive - I shall play a supportive role and always encourage my fellow colleagues in their professional advancement.


  1. Commitment & Volunteerism - When an opportunity presents itself, I shall take a positive interest in, and also encourage my fellow colleagues, to proactively volunteer & contribute to the development of the industry through knowledge sharing & various other activities.


  1. Confidentiality - I shall neither divulge nor utilize confidential information acquired during the course of my employment without express consent from my employer, except in a situation where public interest and safety are involved.
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