DesignTech Colombo conference at SLDF presented by SLASSCOM Women Technopreneurs Forum in partnership with AOD

SLASSCOM Women Technopreneurs became the ideal partners for SLDF and AOD to push forward the Colombo Design tech conference, as the forum is a creative and innovative group of dynamic new-age female entrepreneurs who use technology to present disruptive business solutions and start-ups that serve worldwide markets. With the forum already doing some commendable work to increase the number of women-run tech businesses, and nurturing women technopreneurs to venture into export-oriented businesses, its members are capable of providing in-depth insights as to what Sri Lanka must do in order to use technology to revitalize the economy while involving the untapped female workforce in the process.

The DesignTech Colombo Conference where SLASSCOM Women Technopreneurs, AOD and SLDF come together, explored several themes including the remarkable impact that a unity in design and tech will bring about for driving innovation in Sri Lanka, and the benefits of equal gender representation in this industry, as well as the role and value addition that women can bring into tech.


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Post by Gayan Panditharathna

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