Global Digital Innovation Summit 2021

October 14, 2021




The Global Innovation Summit is an international meeting place for businesses and innovators to share and exchange knowledge, network, collaborate, and secure future business growth opportunities,

Businesses from across the globe come together to share insights and collaborative solutions, and listen to international speakers who tell exciting stories and describe the growth and journey of their ideas and innovations.

This year, The Economic Times hosted the Global Digital Innovation Summit 2021 was held on the 23rd and 24th of September 2021, basing the event around the digital revolution. The event was sponsored by global innovation behemoths such as Intel, Oracle, J. P. Morgan, Brillio and ConnectQT Business Solutions. With the intention of creating an experience that was holistic and all-encompassing from an organizational standpoint, the Global Digital Innovation Summit organized a number of co-located events under the subjects of Sales & Marketing Innovation, Human Resource Innovation, Finance Innovation and Supply Chain Innovation.

True to its standing on the global stage, the event boasted a panel consisting of a large number of speakers that are known to be global leaders in the realms of digital innovation. The event was centred on the discovery and discussion of the progress achieved through new-age, function specific technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing and the Internet of Things. These discussions encouraged the participants of the event to understand and evaluate the impact and results of digitalization on both internal and external customers and how to identify and capitalize on innovation opportunities that exist within a given business space.

Much in line with SLASSCOM’s initiatives to form a connection within the local IT/ BPM sector, the Global Digital Innovation Summit was conducted as an effort to provide businesses with an opportunity to sense check their own approach with industry experts on a global scale.

Through the sharing of insights between professionals and through discussions with the esteemed panel of speakers, the message that the Global Digital Innovation Summit of 2021 transmitted the adoption of disruptive innovations in order to solve business-critical challenges will provide companies with the capability to orient their activities in a function focused manner through collaborative efforts as they grow and evolve.

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