SLASSCOM advocates stable, just Govt.

July 11, 2022




Sri Lanka Association for Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM) yesterday in a statement said it advocates a stable and just Government to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of all Sri Lankans.

“Sri Lanka has seen an unprecedented call for change in the past days and months, with citizens all over the country peacefully and strongly protesting. The country needs a peaceful transition to a Government formed with consensus and stability to navigate through the political and economic challenges it faces,” SLASSCOM said.

It said a Government enshrined with good governance and accountability to ensure a new era for Sri Lanka, fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of all Sri Lankans. A stable Government to help navigate the political and economic reforms required for it to emerge from the crisis it faces. It requires every Sri Lankan to rise up to rebuild our country, SLASSCOM added.

SLASSCOM represents IT-BPM, a key economic sector which employs over 100,000 professionals and brings in foreign exchange and investments. It will continue to be in the vanguard to promote the sector’s growth and bring prosperity to Sri Lanka.

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