SLASSCOM and PwC come together to Conduct Webinar on Transfer Pricing

November 9, 2021




As SLASSCOM’s series of webinars on policy updates continues, SLASSCOM and PwC have come together to organize a dedicated webinar with a focus of educating their membership on Transfer Pricing. The series of webinars so far have been very well received by the members of SLASSCOM that have participated as they have been provided an opportunity to better understand and recognize the concerns surrounding policy updates.

The program was conducted with exclusive access provided to members of SLASSCOM on the 24th of September 2021. Charmaine Tillekaratne, the Director of Tax Services of PwC Sri Lanka and Sandeep Kejriwal, a Consultant for Transfer Pricing from PwC Sri Lanka were the main speakers at the event, providing participants with key insights and developments on the topic of transfer pricing.

Speaking at the webinar regarding the fundamentals of transfer pricing Charmaine Tillekaratne stated, “Transfer pricing regulations is basically a globally accepted set of rules and guidance that enable multinational companies and even domestic companies who have related party transactions to ensure that they are operating in a manner that each entity and each country gets its fair share of the income.”

Transfer Pricing Consultant Sandeep Kejriwal spoke on how transfer pricing is accounted for in the IT industry and provided key insights with regards to how entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka work with branches or agents located outside of the country. He also connected the use of transfer pricing in operational activities and how transfer pricing evolves and adapts due to different customer requirements.

This webinar was seen as an eye-opener by many participants, particularly entrepreneurs that are taking their first steps into international waters to grow their businesses. Thanks to the expert knowledge and insights provided by PwC, SLASSCOM’s members were able to derive key insights on transfer pricing.

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