SLASSCOM continues to build talent for IT/BPM Industry – 2023 kicks off with the first successful BRIDGE Industry Connect

February 27, 2023




The Future Careers Bridge (FCB) program launched by the capacity forum of SLASSCOM was established to address the challenge of school leavers who lack graduate-level qualifications but are interested in joining the IT/BPM industry. The program was created in partnership with USAID’s youth employment and entrepreneurship project, YouLead and the Royal Norwegian Embassy, which serves as the project partner.

The primary objective of the FCB platform is to provide a well-structured learning experience to students and help them acquire the necessary skills to secure internships and employment in the highly competitive IT/BPM industry. The program is specifically designed to identify non-university students who possess the required skills to excel in the industry and provide them with industry-specific learning and mentoring opportunities to access internships.

This year’s first Industry Connect event, which is a part of the student Future Careers BRIDGE experience, held on 19th January, was designed to bring together students who have successfully completed the Future Careers BRIDGE Program with industry professionals, creating opportunities for them to interact and learn more about the IT/BPM industry.

The event featured several informative sessions and started with an Introduction to the IT/BPM Industry, where attendees learned about the industry and the global opportunities accessible to successful students. The event featured several speakers including Chamil Jeewantha, Software Architect at Multiplier, Shaakya Nathavitharana, the Founder of Winning Underdogs, Sanjaya Elvitigala, CEO at and Co-Founder of, and Dilina Gunathilake, Head of HR at Brandix Digital Operations.

Hasith Yaggahavita, CTO of 99X, Co-Founder of Igniter Space and Co-Founder of Maturify, emphasized the importance of developing a passion for learning and described the characteristics which companies look for when hiring. He also highlighted how diversified the IT industry is making it an exciting career choice for students.

The event then moved on to discuss different roles available in the IT industry, beyond the traditional ‘Software Developer’ role. Attendees learned about the key areas of knowledge and interest required for stepping into different employment opportunities.

The importance of upskilling and having a growth mindset was also discussed, emphasizing why it is necessary to continuously learn and stay relevant in the industry. Additionally, the event covered essential power skills that students need to have for facing interviews and succeeding in the industry.

The event included a panel discussion on “What’s Next,” moderated by Bani Chandrasena, Owner/Director of PeopleLink Pvt Ltd. The panel included Dilina Gunathilake, Sanjaya Elvitigala, and Thathsarani Bandara, who completed the BRIDGE program and is now employed at 99X as a trainee Software Developer. They discussed aspects that will help students prepare better and shared success stories.The panel also discussed HR perspectives on recruitment and the difficulties they face due to the lack of essential skills available in current candidates.

Overall, this year’s first BRIDGE Industry Connect event provided valuable information and insights for students interested in pursuing a career in the IT/BPM industry, helping them understand the industry’s various roles, necessary skills, and next steps to prepare for employment opportunities.


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