SLASSCOM initiates programme for member companies to adopt ESG as business strategy

September 27, 2022


Media Release


The Sri Lanka Association of Software Services Companies (SLASSCOM), as the catalyst for the IT/BPM industry in the country, has initiated a programme to encourage member companies to adopt ESG as a part of their larger business strategy.

This is in response to global trends where large enterprises are demanding that vendors showcase performance against ESG goals in order to pitch for business.

One such SLASSCOM member company that has pioneered ESG adoption in the Sri Lankan IT industry is Virtusa Corporation that has successfully incorporated their ESG strategy with their global business strategy, to demonstrate their purposefulness about sustainability and strong ethical standards in operating responsibly, in all their activities. They follow the 10 UN Global Compact Principles and support UN Sustainable Development Goals through their ESG program.

Virtusa Corporation Senior Vice President Denver De Zylva said; “We wanted to be ahead of the curve in the market. We believe in taking responsibility for our ESG impact and organizing ourselves around sound and ethical business practices that are guided by clear and sustainable purposes. As such, we accelerated our sustainability/ESG efforts and sharpened our focus on critical matters such as employee wellbeing, diversity and inclusivity, corporate governance, climate emergency response, sustainable product design and supply chain management. These we believe are integral to our company’s long-term success.”

De Zylva added that Virtusa has invested in equipping their teams with the education, training and resources to implement thecompany’s ESG program.

Virtusa’s board and management demonstrate a strong preparedness to navigate geopolitical, economic, environmental, and societal complexities.Analyzing ESG factors has provided Virtusa a competitive advantage and ability to attract and retain top talent.

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