SLASSCOM launches ‘The Start-up Sri Lanka Web Portal’

September 27, 2021


Media Release


The Sri Lanka Association for Software Services Companies (SLASSCOM) driven by their vision of generating USD 5 billion in exports, creating 200,000 employment opportunities and 1,000 start-ups by the year 2025, recently launched the web portal for their initiative “Startup Sri Lanka” .

Spearheaded by SLASSCOM’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum,”Start up Sri Lanka” is focused on four key strategies, namely, fostering and nurturing startups to become successful internationally; strengthening and creating a cohesive ecosystem to support the start-up lifecycle; positioning Sri Lanka as a high skilled, low risk trial hub, and transforming young disruptors to become successful entrepreneurs, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum is a key enabler of local startups.

Leveraging SLASSCOM’s extensive connections with leading experts from all industries both locally and globally, it will create valuable educational content that would help uplift and empower Sri Lanka’s budding entrepreneurs and facilitate in bringing local businesses together to share knowledge and network through a series of hosted events such as webinars and forum discussions.

The website launch took place with the attendance of the Chairperson of SLASSCOM, Sandra De Zoysa, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum board Lead, Sampath Jayasundara, Forum member Romani Rupasinghe and a host of key SLASSCOM members.

“It is a proud moment for SLASSCOM and one of the defining moments of our journey in enabling 1,000 start-ups by the year 2025. The Start-up Sri Lanka website will encourage and empower start-ups in Sri Lanka by giving them a complementary 2-year memberships and support the Startup Sri Lanka Accelerator Program from a digital perspective to ensure the growth of Sri Lanka’s start-ups through a variety of programs,” she said.

“Start-ups are energies of growth as they play a significant role in economic growth and contributes to economy dynamism by surpassing innovation and injecting competition. Having a well-connected, nurtured start-up eco-system will give Sri Lanka a huge competitive advantage to emerge as a global destination of choice for knowledge solutions. explained Romani Rupasinghe – forum member and initiative owner of Startup Sri Lanka digital platform.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum board Lead, Sampath Jayasundara strongly iterated the importance of contributions made by the forum members in order to realise the vision of the creation of the Start-up Sri Lanka web portal.

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