SLASSCOM organises C-Suite round table forum on driving IT/BPM industry

June 29, 2022


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Key speakers at the event (from left) Ruwindhu Peiris, Dr. Ravi Fernando, Sandra De Zoysa and Jehan Perinpanayagam

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s IT/BPM sector has emerged as a shining beacon of resilience and hope. SLASSCOM aims to collaborate with companies in this sector and help them rise to the occasion and adapt their business and work models to cope with the global disruptions caused by the pandemic as well as the prevailing situation in the country with shortages in energy and rising inflation.

As a result of these recent catastrophes, the sector needs to be geared to operate and effectively combat these threats and to understand and adapt to the latest changes. Companies should be receptive and ready to accept the challenge of transforming, be highly resilient and resourceful, quickly adapt to the changing business landscape and be ready for the next wave of growth and future of the IT industry.

Keeping these aspirations in mind, SLASSCOM held a CEO breakfast meeting at Jetwing Seven Colombo titled ‘ESG an enabler of growth and value enhancement for knowledge and innovation industry; Turbo charging IT/BPM growth’.

This programme was targeted to support organisations to align their business strategy in line with prevailing changes and trends. SLASSCOM and other leading industry specialists shared perspectives on the importance of a growth mindset, agility, ESG adoption to business modules as well as understanding market pain points. They provided insights for organisations to strengthen and enhance their organisational buy-in to attract investors, gain a deeper engagement with stakeholders and enhance their business sustainability and acquire global partnerships by showcasing their focus to be resilient and resourceful.

Stax Inc. Managing Director Ruwindhu Peiris delivered the first session on the topic covering the key elements of a growth mindset and how companies could accelerate and position their business strategy with the prevailing changes. The second session was on the topic ‘The Role of ESG’, addressed by Global Strategic Corporate Sustainability Chairman/CEO Dr. Ravi Fernando. These discussion topics provided guidelines on how companies can identify the appropriate criteria and incorporate the latest changes to their overall sustainable strategy.

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