Workspace Booking Platform “Powered Work Spaces”

September 14, 2022




With the pandemic winding down, the next big challenge faced by most organizations in Sri Lanka has been in figuring out how to balance their employees’ return to the workplace.

An essential factor in making this happen has been the need of allocating workspaces close to the homes of employees, given the current fuel crisis faced by the country. Just log on to to solve your work space problem today. Designed in helping organizations as well as SMEs and Entrepreneurs gain easy access to state-of-the-art workspaces, Powered Work Spaces is an innovative online platform.

The components available on the platform offers companies that has available workspaces which are currently under-utilized, due to working from home or hybrid work models put in place by their respective organizations during the Covid Pandemic, the option of showcasing these office spaces on the platform and in promoting them at a very special price.

For those who need to use the spaces, the platform allows them to find and book these workspaces using a real-time interactive office map through their desktop or mobile browser. Giving an overall picture of how space is currently being used at each location, it indicates which spaces are in use throughout the day and which areas are available to work in, giving the ability to know in advance which spaces to book for specific time frames, whilst also giving the option to compare the benefits available at each location and it’s various price factors. The spaces can be rented on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis based on the requirements of the user. The spaces showcased are also spread across the country, bringing to the fore the concept of helping anyone, work from anywhere. Each of the workspaces offer not only desk space but also meeting rooms, and team working spaces, and are powered with internet and mobile connectivity.  The Platforms ease of use, integration and depth of functionality in terms of easy booking access, interactive floor plans as well as analytics to understand usage of space, makes it a highly viable option that will help both employees and business owners, carry out their work uninterrupted and overcome the current challenges posed by the power cuts and fuel shortages.

Registering on the platform is as easy as logging onto:, creating an account and publishing your vacant work spaces. Conceptualized and organized by the SLASSCOM E & I forum, this initiative is further supported by Dialog and HCL as its Corporate sponsors.

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