The Future Careers initiative has two fold objectives. Firstly, the SLASSCOM Future Careers initiative is aimed at expanding the talent pool available to the industry as part of this Capacity building program. Secondly, SLASSCOM Future Careers initiative is focused on connecting Sri Lankan youth to the exciting job opportunities in the knowledge services industry for them to become truly global citizens.
Future Careers initiative focuses on:

  • Knowledge sharing sessions with industry experts from our member companies including open discussions, forums and webinars on new IT/ BPO related topics and trends
  • Facilitating industry visits to students to better understand the working environment of our companies;
  • Facilitating workshops, career fairs and seminars for the student community;
  • Building a database of future careers champions for prospective recruitment;
  • Sharing new opportunities, ventures and project ideas from our member companies;
  • Mentoring programs and internships for under-graduate students;
  • And providing a platform for linking industry professionals with prospective entrants to the knowledge industry.


Future Careers targets students aged 15-18 years and young under-graduate students. The platform creates a dialogue between the IT/BPO professionals and students opening vistas of knowledge sharing and experience with the future careers audience, including teaching faculty members. Students can also join online at to learn about the industry. SLASSCOM invites industry professionals to also join at to encourage and offer their support and guidance to new entrants to the industry. Future Careers’ Facebook page provides a real time platform to connect everyone who’s interested in IT and BPO industry jobs to people who are already in the industry. It is on a mission to build the largest real Facebook wall.