Innovation is the key towards success, thus for survival and growth, be it a country or a company it is important to innovate. The Managing Director of South East Asia Sales and Operations for Google Inc. Julian Persaud addressing the briefing at the SLASSCOM CXO Breakfast Briefing said that to innovation is based on culture and is the key reason why South East Asia is growing to be most innovative region.
According to Persaud they at Google invest upon innovation. Google follow nine notions of innovation which have adhered to its success. Though it is a common view among most corporates that Google can afford to innovate according to Persaud it wasn’t always so as Google once started with two people in a garage.
“The first notion about innovation we follow is that innovation is not instant perfection. If the product could meet the deeds of the consumer waiting till its 100% perfect might be too late, thus it is important to move on with the idea because you will never reach perfection but it should always be the aim,” he said.
Google is the foundation of sharing information to most of the world, but for Google to move up the ladder of innovation sharing information has acted as a vital role in gaining complete transparency. According to Persaud sharing information isn’t enough if no one is receptive.
“Failing should not be seen negatively, this doesn’t mean that we set out to work expecting it to fail, we at Google are afraid if we don’t fail enough because it might mean that we are not innovative enough thus failing is something we cherish,” he said.
Hiring people from different areas is also a way of innovating and also knowing to compromise with people who are required but not up to standards. “Hiring outside the box is a specialty that Google has, and also setting the bar very high is a way of drawing innovation to the company and products,” Persuad said.
Persaud also believes that to gain true potential of a person it is necessary to provide employees space to think and to innovate, to give them space to interact so they know the situation in all fields and they are provoked to be passionate and to create something new to solve new problems.
“Ideas come from everywhere, it can be from top down, bottom up, and it can come from all departments,” he said. Disregarding the boundaries of what is already known is also the way forward with innovations.
“It is also important to worry about usage and the users as it is from their point that the product should be made, the money isn’t always important because we need to have users first,”he said.
Source: Daily News