The CXO briefing is – or should we say, was – an awareness program. SLASSCOM represents a large number of companies, most of whom are top-dollar providers of software and services to both local and international clients.
The purpose of the meet up was to educate the upper management of these companies on the cyber security threats that they could be facing. Specifically, organized cyber-crime.

Of course, it’s as much a Microsoft event as anything: Windows is hands-down the most widely used computing platform in Sri Lanka and any serious discussion on office either starts or ends there. The primary speaker here is Keshav Dhakad, noted cybersec advocate – the Director of IP, License Compliance and Digital Crimes for Microsoft Asia.

The second phase of the event was the panel we’ve been looking forward to: Jayantha Fernando of ICTA, Lal Dias of CERT, Sujit Christy of Layers-7 Seguro Consultoria, led by Mano Sekaram of 99X. MS propaganda aside, the panel session turns out to have some interesting questions.
In a fairly lengthy discussion, we find out that Sri Lanka does in fact have a fair amount of legislature in place, but enforcing is sub-par and the Parliament isn't making things easier. And that 50% of computers are still on Windows XP, which means they’re twelve years behind in terms of security. Third world problems, eh? After the event, we caught up with the panelists to shed a bit more light on some of the things that they said – catch them on video on our YouTube channel over the weekend.


Check out pictures from the event: