SLASSCOM,the IT and Knowledge Services industry body launched the “Campus DirectLink” , an online ecosystem that brings together the Sri Lankan Corporate Information Technology sector and Universities/Higher Educational Institutes, enabling them to actively engage in collaboration around project ideas for Universities at Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Doctoral level studies with mentorship from industry experts. It also serves as a forum for internship collaborations, discussions around technology and further adds value as a job portal.

Campus DirectLink which has been designed on behalf of SLASSCOM by one of its member companies IFS R &D International (Pvt) Ltd. The portal has been designed based on state-of-the-art social computing concepts to keep everyone connected together, so that both industry, Academia, Undergraduate & Post Graduate communities can continuously harness the mutual benefits, helping in the journey of transforming Sri Lanka into a global leader in Information Technology sector. Direct Link serves as a catalyst where the distance between the industry and the academia is literally just a click away.

Exports from IT and Knowledge Services industry reached an estimated USD 720 million in 2013. The industry is well on the way to meet its $1billion aspiration by 2016.Its ambitious targets under the Vision 2022, SLASSCOM’s policy framework is to reach $5 billion in revenue, create 200,000 direct jobs and 1,000 startups collaboration of all stakeholders including Academia.