It’s a well known fact that the Indian IT/BPO industry achieved its phenomenal growth owing to Indian Diaspora paying a key role in the startup stage of the industry. In Sri Lankan too, over the past 10 years, the majority of IT/BPO related investments were initiated or supported by the Sri Lankan Diaspora living in countries such as UK, USA, Australia and Japan.
With the end of the conflict and global economy slowly recovering, Sri Lanka now has a unique opportunity to build its IT/BPO industry in an accelerated fashion. The Sri Lankan Diaspora will play a curtail and significant role in this early stage growth of the IT/BPO industry.
Sri Lankan IT/BPO industry is fast emerging as a key industry sector in Sri Lanka contributing $275million in export revenue and creating large number of professional jobs. The cost arbitrage associated with global sourcing of ICT services has been the driver of growth for outsourcing destinations in Asia.  Sri Lanka has been recognized as an emerging outsourcing destination for specialized services. The advantages include increasing availability of highly skilled professionals and competitive cost base and qualitative advantages relating to infrastructure and workforce. 
SLASSCOM, the National IT/BPO industry chamber, has initiated series of programs to bring together the Sri Lankan Diaspora in the UK to promote the Sri Lankan IT/BPO industry. This is part of the SLASSCOMs ongoing effort to promote Sri Lanka as a sourcing destination among UK buyers. SLASSCOM conducted two Diaspora linkage events during the last 9 months in the UK to build a Sri Lanka UK network of Sri Lankan professionals. The SLASSCOM Diaspora Network Initiative is amid at creating links between SLASSCOM member companies and Sri Lankan decision makers abroad and to promote new business in Sri Lanka in the IT/BPO sector.
“We see a tremendous interest among Diaspora to contribute to the economic growth of Sri Lanka. What is missing is a high quality link between business here and decision making Sri Lankan professionals abroad. The SLASSCOM Diaspora Network Initiative is aimed at fulfilling this need” said Ashique M Ali, Director and Global Trade Forum Leader of SLASSCOM.
SLASSCOM organized number of active campaigns and events in UK, along with ICTA to promote Sri Lanka as an emerging IT/BPO destination. Follow @SLASSCOM on Twitter or visit for information.