In keeping with the mission to continually enhance the professional management and HR practices of the IT/BPO and knowledge services industry, SLASSCOM together with PwC published the second annual Salary and Benefit Survey.  The survey report provides information on emerging HR trends and challenges in Sri Lanka. The report covers a wider spectrum of jobs and benefits comparison to provide a comprehensive study on the industry. In addition the study offers a broad industry perspective, with data from substantial number of small, medium and large organizations in the IT, ITES, BPO and KPO sectors. 
Sujeeva Dewaraja, Chairman SLASSCOM reiterated, “The Salary and Benefit Survey 2012 is conducted for the second consecutive year together with PwC. This fulfills a long-standing need for more reliable, published information for current industry players as well as potential entrants to aid decision making. The results reveal that the industry offers some of the most lucrative opportunities for young job-seekers. However Sri Lanka remains one of the most cost-effective sources for offshoring a broad range of services.  Apart from salary levels, several other valuable aspects of HR related statistics are gathered in the survey. For example, it is revealed that Industry wide attrition levels remain low when compared to competing countries in the region. This report is another step in our journey to reach our goal of promoting Sri Lanka as a sought-after destination for knowledge services with a target of USD 1Bn in export revenue.”.
The study results provide statistical information, including market mean, median and percentiles on surveyed job positions under each and every job family of both the sectors. Thus providing a platform for the reader to study the market for compensation and benefits and take decisions in a cost effective and relevant manner.
Anuradha Tennakoon, Board Member and Head of HR Forum - SLASSCOM elaborated, “Following the successful publication of the 2011 survey report in order to address the need of a common remuneration and benefits benchmarking tool for the IT, ITES,BPO and KPO industry sectors in Sri Lanka, we are encouraged to see the increased participation of companies in the 2012 survey. This year’s report includes some insights into the general human resource trends emerging in the sector. Without any hesitation, I can say perhaps this may be the most comprehensive Salary and Benefits Study report produced for the IT/BPO and KPO sector by anyone to date. The report gives an in-depth analysis of salary and various benefits provided by the industry for different categories of employees.  Whilst thanking all participant companies and our partner PwC, we are confident that this report would be an invaluable tool for our members, non members, existing and potential investors in the IT/BPO and KPO sector”.
The survey is available for purchase at the SLASSCOM corporate office. For inquiries please call 117884460.