SLASSCOM, the outsourcing industry body in Sri Lanka will work with Buffalo Communications, the outsourcing specialist communications consultancy, to attract UK interest in Sri Lankan outsourcing. Buffalo will work with the body to deliver a comprehensive marketing communications strategy across the UK and mainland Europe.
As part of the agreement Buffalo will develop interest in Sri Lanka through both traditional media relations and online B2B communications channels. In tandem, the consultancy will be developing a series of high-profile outsourcing events to help communicate the possibilities that Sri Lankan outsourcing offers to end-user companies. Within the strategy Buffalo will also be leveraging opportunities across the analyst and influencer space to highlight the country’s and local outsourcing players’ offerings.
An important part of the consultancy’s strategy will lie in communicating the business prospects for Sri Lanka after the civil war. Now the government has declared the civil war over (19th of May 2009), Buffalo will seek to communicate a picture of the existing industry, investment growth and the now increased security and continuity of the country for business dealings. The consultancy will also seek to capitalise on the current vacuum of pro Sri Lankan business commentary as news of the civil war fades.
Madu Ratnayake, General Manager of Virtusa Corporation, Sri Lanka and General Secretary of SLASSCOM, commented, “Now that the conflict over, the real potential of the country must be developed. Contrary to what has been projected in the international media, the conflict was confined to a small area in the north of the island. Business in the rest of the country has been growing steadily. In fact, IT/BPO industry has witnessed 23% growth just before the global recession slowing down the markets. Now that the conflict is completely over, Sri Lanka in many sense is an undiscovered sanctuary. Early movers will have a significant advantage as the country now has started on unprecedented growth trajectory after 30 years.”
Kerry Hallard, Managing Director of Buffalo Communications, commented: “Sri Lanka has long been seen shrouded in India’s shadow as an outsourcing destination. It has also struggled to be considered as a viable business destination due to perceptions of the War. The potential for inward investment and outsourcing in the country is huge now the war has finished. We relish the opportunity to influence people’s opinions of this nascent outsourcing market. ”