Sri Lanka is fast emerging as a global Center of Excellence for Finance and Accounting Outsourcing,having been featured in a number of international studies as a promising destination for outsourcing services. In 2009, global consulting firm, AT Kearney, ranked Sri Lanka at number 16 on their top 20 global outsourcing destinations list, while Global Services Magazine ranked Colombo amongst their top 20 emerging outsourcing cities in the world. Many global companies, including; UK Accounting and Legal Services Center of WNS, Investment Research Center of Amba Research, UK Banking Center of HSBC, and Finance & Accounting Center of RR Donnelley, have chosen to set up their delivery centers in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka offers a rapidly growing skilled workforce which is low cost, highly productive, English speaking and loyal. Sri Lankans are noticeably friendly, creative, and adapt very fast to different cultures and environments, and this results in easy integration to operating units of other counties. Colombo is comparatively cost competitive and has a lower upward wage pressure than many established global sourcing destinations, and the Country’s labour costs rank 15 – 20 percent lower than in India.
Sri Lanka Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Overview - A SLASSCOM-PwC industry report is available at SLASSCOM Corporate office for USD 50.This report provides unique selling propositions of Sri Lanka's accounting talent and vital statistics which have never been compiled previously, which will help to market Sri Lanka as a FAO centre of excellence.