The International Outsourcing Forum (IOF) is the premier annual event in the international outsourcing events calendar in London. IOF attracts leading buyers and supplier of IT/BPO services around the world. The conference is represented by all major IT/BPO service providers from many countries including Sri Lanka, Egypt, India, Mauritius, South Africa and countries from the Eastern European block and Latin America.
Lead by SLASSCOM and ICTA, Sri Lanka was the lead sponsor of the 2010 IOF event attracting the spot light as a fast emerging sourcing destination for IT/BPO in focused niche verticals. 2010 is Sri Lanka’s third consecutive showcasing at the IOF event.
The London Stock Exchange (LSE) which acquired Sri Lanka’s Millennium Information Technology late last year, delivered the keynote address on LSEs journey to Sri Lanka which created significant interest from many potential buyers. SLASSCOM and ICTA showcased Sri Lanka capabilities at the event.
To promote business, at the heels of the conference, SLASSCOM also organized matchmaking meetings for participating Sri Lankan companies including Eureka, Eurocenter, Hellocorp, hSenid, JKCS, Orion, Talliance, and Virtusa, with  key decision makers from buyer organizations.
Speaking at the event in London, ICTA COO, Reshan Dewapura noted that “Sri Lanka is a unique and competitive destination for specialized and SME sourcing. We see an increasing interest from European SMEs who are looking to extend their organizations globally for access to quality and cost effective talent”. The event was supported under the Industry Capacity Building Program by ICTA.  
Sri Lanka presence at the IOF was a part of the SLASSCOM initiated aggressive promotional campaign to promote Sri Lankan IT/BPO capabilities in the UK and Europe.

“We are focusing on UK and Europe as one of our strategic markets to promote the Sri Lanka IT/BPO industry. UK has been a long standing trade partner of Sri Lanka and we aim to extend this to the emerging IT/BPO industry” said Ashique M Ali, Director and Global Trade Forum Leader of SLASSCOM.
Speaking on the success of the UK industry promotion program, Dinesh Saparamadu Chairman of SLASSCOM said, “Sri Lanka is ranked among the Top 50 Global Outsourcing destinations by AT Kearney and ranked among Top 20 Emerging Cities by Global Services Magazine. The opportunity for Sri Lanka is significant and this is the time for us to accelerate our National focus. We must focus on market development and capacity enhancement as priority actions.”
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