slasscom detail directory

slasscom detail directory

Basic Info

Core Business Focus
Information Technology Software Products, Information Technology Software Services
Service Sectors
Telecommunication Services, Travel & Aviation, Healthcare, Other

Contact Info

No.34&36, 2nd Floor, Sir Vaithilingam Duraisamy Road, Jaffna.

Key Executives

Chief Executive Office
Prasanth Subendran
Highest Ranking Officer (Sri Lanka)
Prasanth Subendran
Prasanth Subendran
Jestan Nirojan Jeyapalan
Saahithyan Vigneswaran

Company Profile

About the Company
3axislabs is a Northern Sri Lanka based team that has previously run product companies successfully. We now bring this experience to develop tech products for clients in developed countries.
Leveraging deep expertise, our team has delivered over 25 software products across diverse industries like agritech, healthcare, ticketing, and real estate. We handle everything, from design to launch and ongoing maintenance.
Core competencies / Specializations
Key clientele
● Businesses who need tech-enabled solutions. ● Funded startups from developed countries. ● Scaleups who face competitions in the market.
Recognitions / Achievements
Not applied to any as of now, but already set goals to achieve it this year.
Strengths and Other Products and Services
1. Industry Expertise: With a solid background in successful startups and a deep understanding of various industries, 3 Axis Labs offers valuable insights and tailored solutions.
2. Cutting-edge Technology: Specializing in the latest technologies ensures that our solutions are innovative and meet the highest standards.
3. Experienced Leadership: Led by founders with extensive experience in software development and startup management, our team benefits from strong leadership and strategic direction.
4. Comprehensive Services: Offering a wide range of services including AI-powered app development, API integration, UX design, full stack development, and more, we provide end-to-end solutions to meet diverse client needs.
Products and Services:
1. Ticket Booking System: Streamline ticket sales and reservations for travel and transport businesses.
2. Real Estate CRM: Enhance client relationships and streamline operations for real estate professionals.
3. Form Management App: Simplify data collection and management across industries.
4. AI-powered App Development: Harness the power of AI for predictive analytics, NLP, and computer vision applications.
5.API Integration: Seamlessly connect software systems for improved efficiency.
6. User Experience Design: Create intuitive interfaces to enhance user engagement.
7. Full Stack Development: Deliver comprehensive software solutions with expertise in both front-end and back-end development.
8. Mobile App Development: Build native applications for iOS and Android platforms.
9. Cloud Enablement: Ensure scalability, flexibility, and security by moving applications to the cloud.
10. Application Testing: Rigorous testing methodologies to ensure software quality.
11. Support and Maintenance: Provide ongoing support and updates for sustained functionality.
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