Transformational Leadership - Role of HR

Monthly HR talk by SLASSCOM HR Forum followed by Forum Meeting. Transactional leadership is concerned with maintaining the normal flow of operations in an organization and it is described as "keeping the ship afloat." Transformational leadership goes beyond managing day-to-day operations and crafts strategies in order to take the team to the next level of performance and success. Transformational leadership focuses on team-building, motivation and collaboration with employees at different levels of an organization to accomplish change for the better. Human Resources or HR is playing a...


Tech Valuations: Insights from a Global Expert

Learn the latest techniques of tech business valuations from a Gloabl Expert - ‎ASEAN Leader for Valuation & Business Modelling, Ernst & Young Solutions LLP, Singapore and a member of the Ernst & Young Global Valuations Discussion Group. For more information call 0114062223-7 or email