Mastering Continous Delivery

This deep dive TechTalk on Continuous Delivery, and DevOps will help you in achieving the goals of agility, built-in-quality and time-to-market in your software development projects. Is Continuous Delivery is  real? How did others do it? What are best practices? Meet-up with peers for new experiences that cover all of the multi-faceted areas of Continuous Delivery.


SLASSCOM Quality and Business Excellence Summit 2015

The SLASSCOM Quality and Business Excellence Summit will take place this year under the theme “Transform your business through Quality Engineering and Business Excellence in the era of technical disruption and global competition”. Read more information on full list of speakers and session information.


Insanely Simple: the obsession that drives Apple’s success - Pro Keynote

Ken Segall is a creative director with a successful career in technology marketing, branding, product naming and strategy. For 12 years he was Creative Director at Apple and worked closely with Steve Jobs. Ken Segall will discuss case studies and tools used by Apple, Ogilvy, Intel, BMW and Next on how to simplify product design, branding and marketing across industries to optimize business impact. This 40 minute speech will be followed by a moderated discussion and Q&A session for professionals at all levels in IT and Marketing.