There will be four categories of members viz. General members, Startup Sri Lanka members, Associate members and International members.

General Membership will be open to companies those engaged in Software and IT enabled services industry, with a turnover exceeding USD 100,000 from Software and IT enabled services in any financial year preceding the year in which the application for membership is submitted.

Startup Sri Lanka Membership is open to enterprises in the startup stage where the turnover has yet to reach the USD 100,000 threshold. There is no joining fee or membership fee applicable within the first year of the company’s incorporation. For a company joining after the first year of incorporation, only the membership fee of USD 100 is applicable.

Associate Membership is open to enterprises entities that have a continuing business relationship with the Software and IT enabled services sector and/or Software and IT enabled services enterprises, although such entities may not be directly engaged in the Software and IT enabled services industry. The following are some examples of such entities.

• Government Organizations dealing with the IT-BPO sector
• Organizations engaged in the promotion of IT
• Financial institutions
• Venture Capital companies
• Research institutions
• Management Consultants
• Companies providing services to IT/BPO companies

The decision of the Board on the eligibility of an applicant for associate membership shall be final and conclusive. General members will enjoy all membership rights including the right to hold office and vote at a meeting of the general body. Associate members and Startup Sri Lanka members may enjoy all benefits available to a general member other than the right to hold office and the right to vote at a meeting of the general body.

International Membership is open to foreign companies intending to set-up in Sri Lanka.


Joining fee – $100 effective from 1st of January 2015 (excluding Startup Sri Lanka members)

Category Fee
Very Large companies (above USD 10,000,000 annual revenue) USD 1225
Large companies (between USD 1 million - USD 10 million annual revenue) USD 1125
Medium companies (between USD 500,000 to USD 1,000,000 annual revenue) USD 575
Small companies(between than USD 100,000 to USD 500,000 annual revenue) USD 280

Declaration of revenue from CEO is required to determine the category.

Category Fee
Startup Sri Lanka Members (free during first year of incorporation) USD 100
Other Associate Members (Vendor Companies-SW,HW,Institutional Members, Academic Members etc.) USD 575
Annual Membership Fees (International Members) USD 2500
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