Startup Sri Lanka - Current State and Needs Survey

An initiative by SLASSCOM Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, the Startup Sri Lanka Survey main objective is to gain insights in to understanding the current state and most pressing needs of the Sri Lankan Startup community. The survey is targeted at four separate groups and captures unique perspectives from each: Current startups, those actively looking to start a startup, Investors of startups and support groups of the startup ecosystem.   Click here to read the report -  

Future Careers

The Future Careers initiative has two fold objectives. Firstly, the SLASSCOM Future Careers initiative is aimed at expanding the talent pool available to the industry as part of this Capacity building program. Secondly, SLASSCOM Future Careers initiative is focused on connecting Sri Lankan youth to the exciting job opportunities in the knowledge services industry for them to become truly global citizens. Future Careers initiative focuses on: Knowledge sharing sessions with industry experts from our member companies including open discussions, forums and webinars on new IT/ BPO...

Mobile Monday

What started off as an informal meeting between a few mobile visionaries in Helsinki, Finland year 2000; has grown in to a global phenomenon with chapters in over 100 countries. The MobileMonday network consists of passionate mobile technology enthusiasts fostering innovation, cooperation and cross border business development. Networking events take place both live and virtually where ideas, best practices and trends are shared.   Mobile Monday has the following objectives:   To encourage innovation within the mobile sector.   To facilitate...

SLASSCOM Directlink

One of the key prerequisites for the growth to realize is the acceleration of human resource capacity development in the industry. The SLASSCOM directlink program objective is to collaborate in enhancing the talent pool available to the IT and BPO industry through knowledge sharing, curriculum development support and various other activities. SLASSCOM directlink provides a platform for the industry and academia to engage in a sustained manner.