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Sri Lanka’s IT and BPM industry is on the cusp of great growth, ready to take technology into its next dimension and beyond.

Sri Lanka’s journey from gem to jewel

Sri Lanka is emerging as the IT jewel of Asia. With its enviable geo-location, its business friendly climate, educated, workforce and cutting-edge infrastructure, Sri Lanka has placed itself to offer the world all the possibilities to craft the Tech-world of the future.

SLASSCOM has been influential in swaying government policy towards removing barriers to sustainable growth, making infrastructure development, labor laws and tax policies more investor friendly and equitable for all. SLASSCOM has also been driving the industry towards being ‘future ready’ and upskilling the workforce to take on niche domains and technologies, creating the environment for business, technology and the industry to thrive.

SLASSCOM Investment Facilitation

Policy & Advocacy

SLASSCOM engages with government authorities and bodies to ensure the country’s policy framework is in keeping with global developments and remains favorable to investors and the industry at large.

Investment facilitation

SLASSCOM connects investors to opportunities within Sri Lanka and abroad through a regular calendar of events and promotions that expose Sri Lankan entities in places that the world is looking.


SLASSCOM’s collaborations span government bodies, investor forums, educational institutions and experts both local and international, in order to keep Sri Lanka’s tech industry apace with the world

Networking events

A Regular series of industry meet-ups, both formal and causal serve to bring a large cross-section of the IT and BPM sectors together where opportunities, talent, ideas, and experiences can flow freely and widely.

Workforce Enhancement

SLASSCOM is constantly seeking to upskill Sri Lanka’s IT and BPM workforce to keep Sri Lanka ahead of the game. This is where Education, training and the introduction of new knowledge and infrastructure come together.

Industry expertise

SLASSCOM leverages its wide connections with industry leaders to garner higher standards for the industry as a whole, making Sri Lanka a more attractive option for inward investment and development.

Spotlight Sri Lanka

Infrastructure, Workforce, business climate, lifestyle, and a world of opportunities

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Making it Big!

Some of the world’s greatest success stories happened right here in Sri Lanka.

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Making sustainability the norm through ESG Practices

We are working towards implementing policy that makes the environment, society and governance cornerstones of our industry. Already many IT and BPM companies have signed on to adopt ESG practices while many more are opening their eyes to the benefits of doing so.
The urgency and importance of ESG practices is recognised all over the globe. In making these changes, Sri Lanka’s IT and BPM industry will offer investors of the world a place to do business in a safe and progressive environment.

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