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IgniterSpace is Sr-Lanka’s first established Makerspace for children. Our mission is to foster innovation & creativity in youth and children around the world. IgniterSpace has an unorthodox approach to education where we focus more on the passion, creativity, skills and learnability aspects of education rather than just the theoretical knowledge. The prime goal of IgniterSpace is to change the behavior and thinking of our future generations to make them more creative and innovation savvy.

IgniterSpace has expanded rapidly over the past 18 months of its existence. We have already served more than 1000 kids through our flagship makerspace programs. Currently, we have MakeSpaces at 3 locations in the Western province, namely Narahenpita, Negombo, and Gampaha. IgniterSpace has 12 full-time employees and a fleet of 30 part-time facilitators.

At IgniterSpace, children are encouraged to look at their day-to-day surroundings, and identify pain-points (difficulties) of the people they meet. Students are then guided to make creations to solve the identified pain points. Technology is a core part of modern innovation. IgniterSpace uses technology as a medium to guide children to innovate.

Core Competencies / Specializations

IgniterSpace curriculum is built around four values that are foundational for creativeness. Learnability over knowledge: Knowledge is important, but it’s perishable, knowledge today can be outdated tomorrow. We believe it is the skill of effectively 'acquiring knowledge', that is more important. IgniterSpace activities are made to encourage children to self-explore and understand the concepts, to improve their learnability.

Innovativeness of Students: IgniterSpace hosts the ‘Young Innovator Exhibition’ four times a year at all of its Maker spaces. These exhibitions are publicly open to any child to exhibit their creations. Students are encouraged to come up with own innovations to solve real-life problems. The IgniterSpace academic team continuously guide and help these kids on their ideas. Some videos of children presenting their innovations can be viewed in our YouTube and Facebook video galleries:

Ability to Rapidly Scale:
After the decision to set up multiple branches (in Feb 2017), we were able to roll out a new makerspace location every two months. Setting up of a new makerspace includes location acquisition, provisioning of infrastructure, setting up workstations, storage system, office premises, parent lobby, sales activities, marketing activities, staffing and conducting makerspace programs.

Corporate Philanthropy
IgniterSpace is originally a result of social entrepreneurship thinking of our founders. To strengthen that mission, we have formed IgniterFoundation, which is our non-profit arm. IgniterFoundation provides creative education to children who do not benefit from our flagship programs free of charge. It operates with the mandate that for every two students that enroll in our flagship programs will open an opportunity for one student to receive creative education free of charge. In addition to IgniterFoundation free education programs, we have opened up our coding syllabus online to any student to access. Lessons are accessible at the URL www.codeclub.lk.

Market Leadership
Other than the flagship makerspace programs we conduct at our Maker spaces, we have recently launched 2 other related products.

Home Makerspace Subscription: For children who have no access to a physical Makerspace environment, we have introduced a home delivery service of innovation packs. Parents can subscribe at www.igniterbee.com to receive monthly packs to inspire kids creativity.

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Key Executives

  • Jehan Wijesinghe, CEO
  • Hasith Yaggahivita, Managing Director

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