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Farming lands have been shrinking and contaminated due to the urbanization. Young generations are moving towards cities for fancy jobs. This trend is going to lead to a catastrophe of lack of food production. But we need more production to fulfil the need of increasing population. Nowadays it is one of the burning global issues. Farming process is not that easy. A farmer needs to take 40 odd decisions over a crop cycle, from pre-harvesting to post-harvesting phases. Wrong decisions will cause huge financial and resource losses for the poor farmers. Improving productivity and efficiency is one way of solving the global issue.

We, at SenzAgro, have understood the challenges of farmers and have innovated a homegrown solution. Our IoT based solution gathers every parameter in the farms in realtime and analyzes the farm conditions. According to the analyzed result, the farm will be controlled to improve the productivity. Farmers can optimize their irrigation based on parameters such as soil moisture, soil type and weather predictions. They can remotely monitor their farms and control irrigation. Farmers will save a significant amount of money on their water and power bills because through intelligent control and automation. It will increase the
productivity of their farms as well.

Core Competencies / Specializations

1. IoT based Intelligence for ASIAN and AFRICAN traditional Plantations
➔ We learn the external factors and plants type of Asian and African farm which
are totally different from Europe and USA farms.

2. Fully Integrated Solutions
➔ We provide end to end solution where it covers device layer, cloud analytical
layer and user layer.

3. Cost-effective
➔ Our solutions are obviously cost-effective from other products from
developed countries

Key Clientele

SenzAgro is a very young startup. So far, SenzAgro serving few Coconut and mushroom farms in northern Province. and we do researchers with much special high-value crops like vineyards and cinnamon. According to the Gardner prediction for 2022, sensor-based Precision agriculture is a $7.8 Billion global Market. Precision agriculture or Agriculture 4.0 is the totally new trend even in developed countries. So we can tap into huge blue ocean market after successful deployments in Sri Lanka. We will initially focus on B2B approach. We start off by researching into different potential customers and will ultimately focus on maximum three segments where we get the most profit.
Here are the potential customer segments in Sri Lanka where we are going to trial out how things are going to work. Customer Segments :
1. Greenhouses, Polytunnels
2. Seedbeds
3. Mushroom farms, Vineyard
4. Plantations: Tea, Rubber, Farm oil, Sugar, Cinnamon, Coconut
5. Vertical Farms
6. Indoor Gardens: Hotels, Offices, Green Apartments

Recognitions / Achievements

Slush GIA 2017 winners
JKX 2017 winners.
ADAPT-SL 2017 publication.

Strengths and other Products and Services

As Precious agriculture or Agriculture 4.0 is a totally new concept, there are a few companies in the global who works on the smart agriculture. We have the first mover advantage in many worldwide markets.

Our Technology partnership with the pioneer IoT company in Sri Lanka SenzMate IoT intelligence and Research partnership with University of Jaffna Agriculture faculty give us fail proof strength.

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Key Executives

  • Miller Alexander, CEO

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