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SimCentric Technologies is an advanced software development company with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Offering advanced, “best in class”, high fidelity and modular COTS applications and middleware, SimCentric has a decade of experience working with military, industry, government and academia across the globe to achieve tangible results. SimCentric products are currently utilised worldwide by more than 80 Industry and Defence organisations.

Specializing in Military Simulation and Training use cases, SimCentric Technologies has as it’s core motto “Deliver a Solution, not a Product”. We believe passionately that unless our user community are employing our technologies on a continuous basis, seamlessly integrated into their training continuum, and delivering genuine capability enhancements, risk reduction and cost savings, then we have not achieved our mission.

• Approx. 100 staff
• 90% software engineers
• 100% simulation focused
• 80+ Military/Industry users
• Highly competitive cost base
• Numerous mature COTS products
• Global transferability of software
• Extensive experience partnering System Integrators
• Global presence with offices in Australia, USA, UK and Sri Lanka
• Extensive worldwide re-seller and BD network

Core Competencies / Specializations

Our desire to build quality middleware goes well beyond a commercial incentive. At SimCentric we believe in constantly challenging the status quo and in driving positive change through our work. Collaboration with our user community to understand their problems, challenges and needs, then working constructively over the long term to be a high quality and reliable part of the solution is at the core of our philosophy.

SimCentric’s senior leadership includes two PhD’s in Artificial Intelligence from Oxford University, and the former Head of Training Development within Australian Special Operations Command. Complementing this, our software engineers hold both Bachelor and Masters levels qualifications, with many cross-trained across multiple coding languages in order to best achieve customer requirements.

At SimCentric we focus on quality over quantity. Our motivation is to deliver “best in class” applications and middleware for use across various synthetic environments in training, research, planning and operations. Through this model of ubiquitous software modules, the flexible transferability of our products mitigates against “creative destructionism”. As the user evolves or changes their synthetic environment, SimCentric’s advanced applications and middleware also transition, ensuring long term reliable availability.

It is not good enough to deliver “the shiny black box” that is generic, mass produced and misaligned with how the user community trains and generates capability. At SimCentric we pride ourselves on achieving a deep understanding of how our user community trains and where simulation can tangibly value add to this capability outcome. Our focus is squarely on comprehensively understanding the customer requirements, from which we then generate a customised and fully integrated solution.

Key Clientele

Industry - Bohemia Interactive Simulations , CAE , MEGGIT , THALES , LOCKHEAD MARTIN , RHEINMETALL, AIRBUS DEFENCE and SPACE , BOEING ,Raytheon ,Rockwell Collins , Qinetiq General Atomics , ESG , Calytrix Technolgies , Camber , MDBA , Eurosimtec.

Military - USMC , US Army, UK MoD , Canadian MoD , Australian MoD , French MoD , German MoD , Dutch MoD , S.Korean MoD , Japan MoD, New Zealand MoD , Norway MoD , Belgian MoD , Austrian MoD , Singapore MoD , NATO , Malaysian MoD.

Recognitions / Achievements

New Zealand Defence Force acquire enterprise licence of VBS3 FiresFST
SimCentric are proud to announce the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) concluded their acquisition of a perpetual enterprise licence of VBS3 FiresFST in July 2017. This procurement marks the culmination of a strong collaborative effort over several years between SimCentric, the NZDF Mission Command Training School (MCTS) and the New Zealand School of Artillery to fully integrate VBS3 FiresFST into the Joint Fires Observer (JFO) training continuum. To date, NZDF has utilised VBS3 FiresFST software as the primary simulation training tool for the past two JFO courses, with further refinement and evolution already scoped to continue to build upon existing successes. From foundation use in the School of Artillery, VBS3 FiresFST is already being scoped for expanded use across 16th Artillery Brigade, deployable systems for use in operational theatres, and within the existing Meggitt Weapon Training Simulation System (WTSS) for NZDF.

SimCentric builds solid partnerships to develop VBS3Fires FST into the future
SimCentric is committed to having excellent working partnerships across industry and the military communities. None are more important than those who deliver and instruct with our technology. Our dedication to our software development has become significant to the end user through the depth of expertise and knowledge gained by working closely with and listening diligently to those committed to delivering the highest quality of training and those operators who ultimately deliver the live capability.
Nautilus International Risk Consultants (Nautilus), based in Poole, Dorset, are an established UK Defence company that provides services and products in simulation and C2 to UK MoD, Civil and Government Organisations. Nautilus determine and deliver the best of breed products into their training and consultancy. Simulation services include Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) supporting UAV operators in cognitive skills training in Complex Scenarios with Human Environments, Shooting, JTAC Training, Kinetic Strike Training, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs), Mission Planning and Mission Rehearsal (MPMR) and Medical Training. Their agility, and that of their partners, is critical to them delivering a new, unrivalled JTAC capability in the UK.

SimCentric's VBS3FIRESFST NATO Accredited in UK Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) simulator
SimCentric are excited to announce that the Nautilus International JTAC simulator system using VBS3FIRESFST has been NATO accredited which then supported the UK JTAC Concentration at RAF Honington. Working with Nautilus to deliver a deployable and highly portable system including COBRA screen and VBS3 software, VBS3FIRESFST has been NATO accredited to Type 2 & 3 controls, Day, Night, FMV and Laser. Using Form, Fit and Function emulated JTAC equipment, such as the LF28 LTD, PLRF25, IZLID Ultra and Harris Communications 7800HH radios with 7800T downlink receivers, the system can be fully set up and ready for use within 2 hours. All of the JTAC simulation scenarios and terrain are based on real world locations, both in the UK and overseas. This allows the qualified JTAC to train in a realistic and demanding, simulated environment.

Finalist in the MS&T 2018
The MS&T Industry Simulation & Training Awards is an annual awards program that recognizes companies within the international defense simulation & training industry for consistently providing technologies, services and solutions that best prepare military forces to achieve their mission. These companies’ products help service members of all types – air, land and sea – to prepare for deployment, as well as train and rehearse for missions in theater.

Strengths and other Products and Services

SimCentric Technologies offers a wide range of mature COTS software solutions dedicated to enhancing your synthetic environment training. SimCentric brings together an impressive portfolio of modular and seamless integrated applications and middleware enabling you to:
• Optimize your synthetic environment into a highly focused training solution
• Reliably, repeatedly and effectively utilize simulation in support of individual and collective training continuums.
• Enhance capability, reduce risk and save resources

COTS Portfolio Overview:

The official C++ API for VBS, enabling direct access to the VBS3 engine. VBSFusion enables the user to access, modify and render the VBS3 simulation and objects within it efficiently and with minimum complexity. Fusion enables direct integration between VBS, customer hardware and other simulation environments.

The high fidelity VBS3 Call for Fire program comprising all artillery, mortar, naval gunfire and MLRS systems with numerous advanced munitions. With an intuitive and easy to use instructor/trainee interface, NATO and Commonwealth doctrine, flexible training configurations and a proprietary ballistic calculator, VBS3Fires is the industry standard across ABCA and NATO militaries and has been accredited to NATO standards.

Inclusive of all VBS3Fires functionality, FST (Fire Support Trainer) is the premier accredited Close Air Support product for use in the VBS3 environment. With advanced features including autonomous AI controlled piloting, Commonwealth and NATO doctrine, DACAS integration, and an exhaustive platform and munitions library, VBS3Fires FST supports Type 1,2 and 3 JTAC accreditation in the VBS3 environment.

The Combined Arms Planning Evaluator enables decisive event strategic wargaming within a Joint or Combined Arms environment. With an easy-to-use editor, powerful error detection feature, and VBS playback, CAPE enables objective analysis and validation of strategic military planning.

The missing link in turning expansive synthetic urban areas from “ghost towns” into living, breathing, vibrant cities with a reactive human population and vehicular movement. Ambience rapidly generates a semiautonomous and realistic population in seconds with just a few mouse clicks.
Includes time and trigger-based events and multiple designated zones to build distinct pattern of life nuances and layers reflective of specific cities and cultures, plus API to allow integration in to custom environments

Tool based approach to accelerate the create on of custom GUI components for use with VBS. These GUIs enable simplified and intuitive commands in VBS based training that overcomes VBS skills atrophy in trainees. Use an extensive GUI library to maximize VBS training efficiency.

Enable geographically dispersed training through your LAN/WAN “virtual classroom”, replete with numerous potent features including markups, whiteboards and graphical overlays the instructor can employ to maximize the training outcomes.

Low latency live video streaming from a VBS3 training instance to any smart device, MediaMate enables highly realistic live stimulation of ISR feeds, and a “single trainee, multiple learner” environment.

VBS3FiresFST Pro
All the features of VBS3Fires FST with the added benefits of integrated Ambience Pattern of Life supporting realistic Collateral Damage Estimates and Battle Damage Assessments. MediaMate is also incorporated supporting BYOD Rover 5 ISR streaming replication delivering a unified “desktop to dome” training solution.

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Key Executives

  • Dr. Adam Easton, CEO
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