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At Encyte we do just one thing and that is we help businesses deliver value to their customers. We do this by harnessing the power of the wide world of mobile devices, applications and services.
We are now well and truly in the Post PC era; smartphones, tablets and other hybrid devices are rapidly outselling and outpacing their PC counterparts. More and more people are accessing the web, performing work tasks, doing online shopping and keeping in touch via these devices. In such an era it is crucial that businesses have a solid “mobile strategy”. The potential that “Mobile” holds is truly limitless; whatever the industry there is way in which you can enhance your service or product offering.

Just talk to us…That is where we come in.

Core Competencies / Specializations

>B2C Application Development
>Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Web Site Development
>Android Application Development
>iOS Application Development
>Hospitality Industry Applications

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Key Executives

  • Asitha Vajirapani, CEO
  • Charith De Silva, Director