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Ontash has been providing technology solutions since 1993 staying at the forefront of innovation while putting clients first. Whether helping hospitals optimize their Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements or automating their work processes, Ontash looks for cutting-edge yet cost-effective solutions. Too many organizations have bloated, proprietary and wasteful technologies that aren’t able to take advantages of recent advances in enterprise computing and the much lower cost of cloud infrastructure.

Core Competencies / Specializations

Experts in open-source enterprise software, mobile platforms and cloud computing, Ontash is able to use blended work teams to deliver world-class solutions. Resources from Ontash’s India office complement its US-based staff to deliver seamlessly.

Ontash’s expertise extends beyond software applications and encompasses infrastructure maintenance and support. Efficiently operating virtual servers, Ontash is an advocate of data center consolidation and cloud-first policies. The company practices what it preaches and has moved many of its own servers to Amazon Web Services and helps it clients to do so as well.

In addition to services, Ontash also develops products. The earliest product out of Ontash was the shipping industry solution called ShipNet. Since then, Ontash has developed prototypes and products like the mobile apps MooChaCha and NorthStar for itself and its clients alike.

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Key Executives

  • Mahesh Thilakshana, CEO
  • Aruchunan Vaseekaran, President