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Wavenet is a leading provider of software and systems that enable network-based multimedia enhanced communication to wireless and wireline carriers worldwide. Wavenet has grown rapidly, and to date has deployed products and solutions covering more than 100 million people across South Asia, Africa and Asia Pacific.

We are committed to developing innovative solutions that echo subscriber needs and lifestyles, while making business sense for our customers. Our solutions offer a rich user experience coupled with a high degree of innovation that takes advantage of the latest enabling technology. Our solutions are designed from the ground up for telecommunication providers, making them highly reliable and easily scalable to meet even the most demanding traffic requirements.

Our experience is built on state-of- the-art technology and a standards-based open software architectural platform in the telecommunications network, mobile, messaging and voice-over internet protocol (VoIP). The boldness of following cutting-edge technologies like Network Function Virtualization and OpenStack architectures have allowed Wavenet to push the standards of its products to the next level offering the latest to its customers.

Wavenet’s strong domain knowledge enables us to understand customer requirements and provide off-the- shelf products and customized solutions based on a comprehensive portfolio of core products and service modules. Wavenet’s product suites enable service providers to offer differentiated services, reduce customer churn, increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and assist operators in generating significant sustainable new revenue streams.

Understanding the burning points such as increasing Opex and high Capex for mobile services, Wavenet Engineers and Marketers have formulated the products and licensing strategies to incorporate service consolidation, cross service licensing and support model licensing to allow operators to formulate the ideal solution.

Core Competencies / Specializations

Wavenet’s core expertise lies in developing platforms and solutions related to SS7, 3G, IP and IMS technologies. The portfolio offers the width and depth of Value Added Services required to maximize ARPU and service differentiation; while supporting GSM, GPRS EDGE, 3G networks, legacy and NGN networks. Service providers are empowered to meet the needs of their customers’ lifestyles through a completely modularised architecture built on robust, best-of-breed hardware and software components. With a rich history of evolving within the traditional telecom domain, our high quality product portfolio helps operators to transition to an all IP network, introduce innovative new services and secure their network.

Key Technologies and Knowledge Areas:-
Our team compromises of software professionals with vast experience and expertise on the following technologies and knowledge areas:

Protocols: MAP, SMPP, Sigtran – M3UA, Sigtran – M2PA
Signaling - MTP 3 & MTP 2 / Signaling – TCAP

Databases: Mnesia, MySQL, PostgresSQL & Oracle

Erlang: Mnesia, OTP principles, Binary, DiskLog, List comprehensive, Distribution, Debugger,Drivers and NIFs

Java: Structs, Hibernate, Design patterns, Spring, XML handling, JSP

PHP: DB handling, XML handling, Classes, Frameworks (YII), Session handling

C: Thread programming, Socket

C++: OOP

Design knowledge: DB design, Complex system design, Redundant System, UML – Use case, UML – Composition, UML – Class, Message Sequence chart, UML – State Transition Diagram, SDL, Erlang supervision hierarchy, Erlang process communication, Module dependency diagram

Other Languages: Shell, Awk, Perl, SED

WEB: CSS, XML, Java script, HTML, PHP, Yaws & AngularJS

Tools: Subversion, VIM, emacs, Wireshark

IT: OS- Red Hat, CentOS, Microsoft windows
Virtualization- Openstack (NFV) & VMware

Key Clientele

Can be provided on request

Recognitions / Achievements

CMMI Level 3 Certified

2016 NBQSA Silver Award winner - Communications Category

Strengths and other Products and Services

With over a decade of experience in the telecommunications sector, Wavenet has garnered a strong reputation for developing the highest quality products and solutions. Over the years, Wavenet has become the outsourcing partner of choice for various operators and organizations globally.
At Wavenet we undertake customized solutions development, quality assurance services, consultancy services and maintenance with a view of maximizing IT investments by aligning them tightly with a client’s strategic objectives. By this we bring a whole new level of optimization to client services and significant reductions to IT capital expenditure.

We believe in collaborating closely with our clients to gauge their business needs precisely and developing solutions that are in line with their business goals. Wavenet guarantees that we go the extra mile by ensuring that out client get an accelerated return on their investments.

Key Areas:-
• Telecom Solutions
• Enterprise Solutions
• IT Services
• Technology Consulting

At Wavenet we utilize established, well defined methodologies and frameworks which incorporates a structured method commencing with the defining of the client requirements and examining application/platform characteristics prior to developing the solution. We support our clients throughout the process from project initialization to the UAT stage.

Our methodology blends the best aspects of Agile and CMMI framework. With Wavenet’s intense focus on quality, clients can be ensured of getting robust and secure solutions.

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