The SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit 2018

The SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit 2018: International speakers on Data Science, Machine Learning and Analytics Converge for Flagship Conference The Sri Lanka Association for Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM) is pleased to announce the first-ever SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit to be hosted at The Kingsbury, on Wednesday 7th November from 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM. This is Sri Lanka’s first conference dedicated to the topics of Data Science and Machine Learning with many acclaimed international and local speakers addressing the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) across application,...

SLASSCOM Innovation Summit & Awards 2018

Innovation has become the buzzword of the decade across the world. Understanding truly what it stands for and putting a metric behind it may seem an arduous task. But, the Global Innovation Index (GII) does just that. It produces a comprehensive broad-based model of measuring innovation that captures its complex nature in both developed and emerging economies. Since its first edition, published in 2007, the GII has gained international recognition, leading to numerous countries incorporating the GII into their innovation agendas and metrics. The GII is co-published by the Cornell SC...

SLASSCOM People Summit 2018 Highlights

Transforming the way we think, work and connect. This was the theme of the SLASSCOM People Summit 2018 held on the 20th of February in Shangri-La hotel. From 8.00am to 5.30pm, this was a day of networking, panel discussions, and speeches all designed to give you a better idea how to face the future as an organization. Read the full article on README.

SLASSCOM People Summit 2018 (HR Forum)

The seventh SLASSCOM People Summit, organized by the SLASSCOM HR Forum is scheduled to take place on 20 February 2018. The focus of this year's summit is to provide some key HR insights and perspectives to the industry leaders to guide them through 2018 and beyond.The sessions will revolve around Digitalizing the People Management Processes and the Global HR Trends that make HR more agile, forward-thinking and bold. The SLASSCOM People Summit 2018 will be an event that brings together over 300 HR professionals and 100 business leaders of the IT/BPM industry. The Summit’s objective is...

Contribution On National Export Strategy (NES) Consultations

SLASSCOM actively contributed in the sector proposals within the National Export Strategy (NES), hosted by the Export Development Board (EDB) within an EU funded initiative. Several proposals from SLASSCOM were also accepted and incorporated in the National Budget. An initiative to provide market access for selected companies to experience exponential growth (to be rolled out in 2018) A country branding initiative for the ICT industry is also underway. An international creative agency has been working on this country brand identity since October 2017. This will be rolled out in the first...

Survey on the Current State of the BPM Industry (BPM Forum)

The SLASSCOM BPM forum conducted a survey to understand the current landscape of the BPM industry in Sri Lanka. The survey involved feedback from 18 BPM/KPO SLASSCOM member companies. The survey covered topics on Technology, Competencies, Markets, Growth, and Challenges and focused efforts on reshaping the BPM industry engagements to deliver greater strategic value towards the 2022 National Export Strategy objective. The results are scheduled to be published in January 2018.

Employability Skill Development Programme (HR Forum)

The SLASSCOM HR Forum is developing an Employability skill development programme survey for the IT and BPM industry. The aim of this survey was to find out the top 10 universities and faculties which the industry hired from as well as to identify the current employability gap and how these gaps can be filled.The survey will be conducted in collaboration with PwC. The results of this survey will be used to make improvements to the curriculum as well as educate and equip faculties to impart these skills. The next phase of this study will be to conduct a faculty awareness programme where the...

EDEX - Career Guidance Teachers' event

The SLASSCOM BPM Forum was a part of one session within the EDEX - Educate Career Guidance Teachers’ event. Chamila Cooray General Manager - Operations - WNS Global Services (Pvt) Ltd. conducted this session on behalf of the SLASSCOM BPM Forum. Chamila shared insight on the career opportunities currently available in the BPM industry for school leavers and what employers expect out of the fresh candidates. Around 90 teachers attended this session.