The SLASSCOM HR Forum is developing an Employability skill development programme survey for the IT and BPM industry. The aim of this survey was to find out the top 10 universities and faculties which the industry hired from as well as to identify the current employability gap and how these gaps can be filled.The survey will be conducted in collaboration with PwC. The results of this survey will be used to make improvements to the curriculum as well as educate and equip faculties to impart these skills. The next phase of this study will be to conduct a faculty awareness programme where the published survey results will be used to invite faculty representatives from the identified universities, to conduct awareness sessions and share the feedback from the companies participated in the survey. As the final step of this programme, the companies who participated in the survey will visit the identified universities to meet the students and conduct sessions on improvement areas. The programme committee includes representatives from Fortude, B Sharp, hSenid, Aeturnum, Zmessenger, Virtusa and Moody's.