SLASSCOM completed the Compensation and Benefits study for the IT and BPM industry for the seventh successive year. The study was initiated on 23 August at a workshop for all interested companies, with a discussion on the approach, data collection tool, and the survey methodology.This year’s study was conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) who have partnered with SLASSCOM during 2011-2015 to produce this study. The survey took place during the month of September and the report was released on 8 December.

The study covered an analysis of 150 job positions across a wide range of job families, representing the practices and perspectives of small, medium and large IT and BPM companies and provides;
1) the emerging HR trends and practices and covers a comprehensive understanding of the compensation strategies, employee attraction, retention and engagement strategies executed by industry players.
2) A skill-based analysis of common skills identified to provide an understanding of the variance in pay associated with such skill sets.
3) A statistical analysis of the market mean, median and percentiles for job positions in the IT and BPM sector
4) Overs graduate salary scales of select job positions to provide a benchmark to the entry-level salary scales in the IT/BPM sector.

Finally, a summary of the 2018 budget proposal, highlighting the key aspects that may affect the stakeholders directly associated with the IT/BPM sector and potential investors are also included.This year the survey included 53 participating companies which were a 30% increase from 2016.