Workshop on "Robotics & Automation" (BPM Forum)

SLASSCOM in collaboration with HSBC Global Service Centre Sri Lanka hosted a workshop on Automation and Robotics on 7 December 2017, at the Sysco Labs Auditorium. The keynote speaker at the event was Subir Mehra - Head of Operations, HSBC Global Service Centres. Extract of a participant's comment: “Thank you for selecting a very dynamic and contemporary subject matter; Robotics and Automation for the session. The depth of it was well covered by the eminent speaker. The complexity of the subject matter was deliberated unpretentiously with practical examples. Mr. Subir Mehra was well versed...

SLASSCOM Compensation and Benefits Study 2017 (HR Forum)

SLASSCOM completed the Compensation and Benefits study for the IT and BPM industry for the seventh successive year. The study was initiated on 23 August at a workshop for all interested companies, with a discussion on the approach, data collection tool, and the survey methodology.This year’s study was conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) who have partnered with SLASSCOM during 2011-2015 to produce this study. The survey took place during the month of September and the report was released on 8 December. The study covered an analysis of 150 job positions across a wide range of job...

Workshop of Revenue Recognition

A workshop on the requirements regarding revenue recognition was held on 05 December at Sysco Labs. Over thirty member companies took part in the workshop. The speaker Manil Jayasinghe (Head of Assurance Practice - Ernst & Young) covered the ‘5-step model’ in applying principles of revenue recognition, and how it would be implemented for the IT industry.

BPM Breakfast Forum - Leveraging the Technology Next (BPM Forum)

Leveraging the Technology Next: A breakfast forum on the impact of new and disruptive technologies on the BPM industry was held on Thursday 30 November at the Taj Samudra Colombo. The event was organized by the SLASSCOM BPM forum and was sponsored by WNS Global Services Ltd. The keynote address was delivered R. Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS Global Services and member, NASSCOM Executive Council. Other speakers at the event wereRuwindhu Peiris, Head of Stax Colombo and Chairman of SLASSCOM, Dinesh Saparamadu, Founder and Chairman of hSenid Group of Companies and past president of SLASSCOM and...

"Developerconnect” Tech Talk 2017 (Technology Forum)

IBM and SLASSCOM conducted a Tech talk, IBM “DeveloperConnect” on 30 November at the Hirdaramani Auditorium. This brought together the developer community of the IT industry and was designed to give developers learning opportunities on IBM cloud, Bluemix, Watson, IoT and Blockchain. The Tech talk was covered by a number of technology leaders & developer advocates, including; 1) Vanitha Narayanan, Chairperson, IBM India/South Asia who gave the opening remarks. 2) Seema Kumar, Country Leader, Developer Ecosystems Group IBM India/South Asia who did the key note address on Building for the...

IBM, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT) Workshop (Technology Forum)

IBM, in collaboration with the SLASSCOM Technology Forum held a workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) on 29 November. The topics in these workshops were on Watson Cognitive APIs & Chat Box, and Watson IoT and data analytics. This workshop was held at the IBM World Trade Centre. The speakers shared insights on the computer platform that allows developers to incorporate natural language processing, machine learning and data analytics.

Mentoring for Technology Startups (Entreprenuership Forum)

The monthly SLASSCOM Entrepreneurship Forum mentoring sessions were held during October and November at Eyepax IT Consulting (Pvt) Ltd. Startups that took part include ValueAura, Legator Solutions, Meetrix, Bazura, Bluelotus360, Encrypt Asia (Private) Limited, Slifx, SprintyLab and Alakazam. Both mentoring sessions were followed by networking events. These programmes are hosted by Eyepax IT Consulting (Pvt) Ltd.

HR Talk by Peter D'Almeida, CEO N*Able (HR Forum)

The SLASSCOM HR Forum in collaboration with N*Able Pvt Ltd. held another HR Talk session on 20th November, at the Employers' Federation of Ceylon, Rajagiriya.Peter D' Almeida, CEO and Managing Director of N*Able Pvt Ltd conducted a very engaging session on Business Sustainability & Value Creation: Challenges for HR. This was an interactive session which revolved around how HR can transform itself to move away from the traditional siloed "HR-as-a-function" approach to one that is deeply intertwined with the business, being a catalyst in the business' pursuit for sustainability and value.

Colombo Test Automation Conference (Quality Forum)

The SLASSCOM Quality Circle held the Colombo Test Automation Conference (CTAC) on 14 November. This event brought together engineers from the industry and academia to discuss trends in test automation and quality engineering practices.This year's focus area was "Emerging trends in Quality engineering". Speakers Kishan Navaratne - Quality Assurance Consultant, LSEG, Yoosuf Maktoum - Quality Engineering Architect, Sysco Labs Pvt Ltd, Christina Thalayasingam - Senior Software QA Automation Engineer, Zaizi Asia (Pvt) Ltd,Firdausi Umar - Associate QA Lead, Pearson Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Suren Rodrigo...

University of Moratuwa, External Degree Convocation

SLASSCOM Chairman, Ruwindhu Peiris delivered the Convocation Address at the University of Moratuwa, External Degree Convocation for the Degree of Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), held on 10 November at the BMICH. Ruwindhu highlighted that we are now operating in the imagination economy and challenged the graduates to "Be an IMAGINEER" to make the best use of the opportunities ahead.