Graduate To Career (G2C) Platform Launched By SLASSCOM

| 27 February 2023
Category: Initiatives
Subject: Industry updates

The Sri Lankan Association of Software and Service Companies, ( SLASSCOM) having identified a significant gap in employability skills among fresh university graduates in Sri Lanka, is rolling out a comprehensive program called Graduate to Career (G2C) to uplift the skillset and the employability of fresh graduates .

As per the IT/ BPM workforce survey 2019 by ICTA, the IT/ BPM workforce in 2018 was 113,000, which implies that roughly 25,000 new employees are needed by the industry per year. However, currently the annual supply of graduates within Sri Lanka is 12,000, resulting in a gap of 13,000. Even regarding the generated pool of graduates, concerns have arisen in relation to their quality of knowledge and skill, which was clearly visible through the Employability Skills Survey carried out by SLASSCOM in 2021.

To address this issue, the G2C program has been launched to focus mainly on the areas of technical and soft skill upliftment of undergraduates and graduates. The main stakeholders of the program would be the Students, Academia and industry, ensuring an alignment in the inputs and outputs of each of the three parties to ensure it results in increasing the quality of knowledge and skills of the graduates, thereby building the capacity required by the IT/ BPM industry.

The G2C program aims to connect with universities targeting the second and fourth year students and executing training programs to bridge any technical and soft skill gaps the students have and in order to ensure they are up to industry expectations. Through this platform, students can access learning resources, take courses, and connect with industry professionals to gain exposure and practical experience. In line with this vision, the G2C platform had its soft launch on 11th January 2023.

Chairman of SLASSCOM, Mr. Ashique Ali stated “the G2C platform aims to provide an engaging and interactive learning experience that will help students prepare for their career and bridge the gap between academia and industry. By offering students access to industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies, the platform aims to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of the job market, thereby augmenting their competitiveness in their respective fields.”

Nishan Mendis, second Vice Chairman of SLASSCOM further explained “connecting universities to the industry is essential as it allows for the integration of academic knowledge and industry practices. This integration can lead to the development of industry-relevant curricula, the provision of industry placements and internships for students, and the creation of research opportunities that address industry challenges. By forging strong partnerships between universities and industry, students can develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to be job-ready.”

Sampath Thrimawithana – General Council Member of  SLASSCOM added” the goal of connecting universities, students, and industry professionals, we hope to create a more robust and competent workforce that is better prepared for the demands of the IT/ BPM industry. This includes in ensuring that they have the necessary technical skills, knowledge of industry practices, and soft skills required by the industry. By creating a more competent workforce, the IT/BPM industry can remain competitive in the global market and contribute to the growth of the economy.”

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