SLASSCOM’s G2C Pilot Project Equips Final Year Students At KDU And NSBM With Crucial Interview Skills For Career Success

| 23 February 2023
Category: Initiatives
Subject: Talent

SLASSCOM and Virtusa collaborated to host an online session for final year students at KDU and NSBM as part of their G2C (Graduate to Career) pilot project, which provided valuable insights into resume building, interview skills, and personal branding. The program proved to be essential in preparing students to make a positive impression on potential employers by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Aniston Leo, an Associate Consultant in HR and Campus Hiring at Virtusa SL conducted a session with the industry experts Mohamed Haniffa Ahamed Salik, Lead Consultant in Technology and on the Development track, Praveen Akmeemanage, a Senior Manager in QA and on the QA track, Thirani Dissanayake, a Senior Manager in Delivery and on the PM track, Nadeesha Nanayakkara, Senior Manager in Business Consulting and on the BA track where they discussed two main topics in depth. They shared crucial insights regarding interview skills for the 21st century, stressing the significance of staying updated with the latest industry trends and in demonstrating a deep understanding of the field during the interview process.  Additionally, they underlined the importance of honing specific skills and qualities that are presently in high demand among employers.

Dhammika Marasinghe, Head of Capacity Forum moderated a brief expectation sharing session from each Tech lead in different domains, who  explained how building a personal brand can help students stand out in a highly competitive job market. They highlighted the key elements of a strong personal brand, such as a well-written resume, an active online presence, and a strong professional network. The experts stressed that personal branding is not just about standing out, but also about demonstrating the unique value and skills that a candidate can bring to the table.

Overall, the session equipped students with a comprehensive comprehension of the essential skills and qualities required to thrive in the industry. Moreover, it imparted valuable insights on how to establish a distinctive personal brand that would enable them to stand out in the competitive job market. The session was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn directly from industry experts and receive guidance on how to prepare for upcoming career fairs.

Initiatives such as the G2C by SLASSCOM are essential in preparing final year students for their transition from education to the workforce. The online session conducted for the students at KDU and NSBM is a testament to the commitment of SLASSCOM to supporting the growth and development of the industry and its future workforce.

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