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Hithesh Fernando
CEO/Highest ranking officer (Sri Lanka)
Hithesh Fernando
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Level 26, East tower, WTC, Echelon Square , Colombo 1
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Fintech Digital PVT Ltd was established with the goal of introducing revolutionary
and innovative solutions to Sri Lanka. We are an inventive and seasoned team with
futuristic ideas to promote goodwill to both our Clients as well as the General
Public with the vision of contributing to the Economy, Environmental, Social and
Governance (ESG), and the development of Sri Lanka.

We are individuals with a combination of experience and exposure in the financial
industry; having a deep understanding of market needs and having the urge to
bring-in groundbreaking results to industries. & are proud products of
Fintech Digital Pvt Ltd and was initiated to bridge the gap between the Finance
Companies and General Public. It is also a Green digital marketing tool for Finance
Companies whilst serving as an information hub for the General Public.
Core Competencies / Specializations
( to connect both the Banks and Customers (general public) through an informative and educational digital Banking platform with the intention of attracting all parties into one marketplace. Our product could be a perfect solution to plugin to open banking/finance and to popularise climate financing in more innovative ways even to track the progress. we are striving to go global as a Sri Lankan initiative overall. is a digital financial services marketplace that provides financial literacy and financial inclusion to communities in Sri Lanka. The platform offers a variety of financial products and services, including savings accounts, loans, propositions and banking apps, all of which are designed to be accessible and affordable for genaral public and expats. In addition to providing financial products and services, also offers a variety of financial literacy resources, such as educational articles, videos, and webinars. These resources are designed to help users understand the basics of financial management and make informed financial decisions. is also committed to ESG net zero as a green banking marketplace. The platform has partnered with a number of green businesses and organizations to offer its users a variety of sustainable financial products and services. These products and services help users reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.We wish to inform you that we met with the Hon. Governor of CBSL. Dr. Weerasinghe had a very positive impression about our initiative to support the digital economy and the prevailing foreign currency (FCY) reserve crisis, and the Hon. Governor kindly requested that we ensure our propositions are open to all banks and work actively with this national initiative. Kindly note that we have already received positive feedback from Hon. Governor of CBSL, SLBA,ICTA, LankaPay, IFC, FITIS, SLASSCOM , Dr. W A Wijewardena’s article (Colombo Telegraph and Daily Financial Times ), the senior Banking officials and also the general public Recently, our green banking ESG initiative was awarded as the National Winner at the ClimateLaunchPad (world’s largest green business idea competition conducted by the European Union) and MasterCard endorsement mainly to promote digital financial literacy, Also note the interview at the reforms now conference (click to watch) about FinTech’s ability to develop the nation.
Key Clientele
Banks,FinTechs and related services to banking sector.
Recognitions / Achievements
Climatelaunch pad Winner | ICTA spiralation and Step winner | Slasscom FastForward winner.
Strengths and other Products and Services
Our key strength is AnybanQ is world first fully fledged digital banking marketplace.
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