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Core Business Focus
IT/ Software products
Service Sectors
CEO/Highest ranking officer
CEO: Chandi Perera
CEO/Highest ranking officer (Sri Lanka)
Country Head: Chathini Uduwana
Contact Info
No.27, Seibel Avenue, Kirulapona, Colombo 05
+94 112 815 945
Company Profile
Typefi is a global leader in single-source automated publishing software for print, web, and mobile, enabling people to publish their content faster and in more formats—without compromising on design or content integrity. Typefi’s cutting edge, user-friendly platform provides customers—from small businesses through to global publishers, international organizations, and Fortune 500 companies—with the ability to take a single source document and automatically render it in their choice of over 30 formats for print, online and mobile in just minutes with 100% accuracy. Most customers experience production time savings of 50%–80% following the implementation of Typefi and can expand their product offerings across multiple platforms with minimal increases in production costs.
Established in 2001 on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, Typefi initially launched with the vision of providing automated publishing software for print documents that would enable collaborative workflows within workgroups and across enterprises.
Recognizing the early promise of Adobe InDesign for layout, the potential of Extensible Markup Language (XML) as an interchange format, and the strength of Microsoft Office as an authoring and editorial tool, Typefi combined these with its patented automation intelligence to deliver the world’s first fully automated desktop publishing system in 2004.
Expanding to North America in 2007, Europe in 2009, and Sri Lanka in 2014, Typefi’s vision for its products and services broadened as the digital revolution gained momentum and new ways of delivering content emerged.

No matter what sort of publishing you do, Typefi will help you DO MORE.
Core Competencies / Specializations
Automated publishing, Single-source publishing, Publishing workflow consultation, Workflow automation.
Key Clientele
Europe and US
Recognitions / Achievements
•56th Australian Export Awards 2018 Finalist, Small Business/ •Sunshine Coast Business Awards 2018 Hall of Fame/ • Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards 2018 Winner, Small Business
Finalist, Digital Technologies/ • The London Book Fair International Excellence Awards 2018 Finalist, Accessible Books Consortium International Excellence Award: Initiative/ • Sunshine Coast Business Awards 2017 Winner, Technology
Finalist, Excellence in Innovation
 Finalist, Excellence in Export
Finalist, Excellence in Customer Service/ • Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards 2017 Finalist, Small Business/ • 54th Australian Export Awards 2016 Winner, Small Business/ • Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards 2016 Winner, Small Business/ • Sunshine Coast Business Awards 2016 Winner, Excellence in Export
Finalist, Technology
Finalist, Excellence in Innovation / • Sunshine Coast Business Awards 2015 Winner, Technology
Winner, Excellence in Innovation
Finalist, Excellence in Export
Finalist, Excellence in Customer Service
Strengths and other Products and Services
Typefi: Typefi Cloud, Typefi Workgroup, Typefi Desktop, Plug-ins, actions & scripts/ Standards Cloud/ Design Tools: Typefitter, AutoFit/ Professional Services
Key Executives
Chandi Perera
Chandi Perera
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