SLASSCOM in Collaboration with PWC launches the IT / BPM Industry Employability Skills Report

August 8, 2022




The race to acquire top technology professionals, given the digitisation happening across all industry sectors, has led to a continuing scarcity being on the rise of organizations acquiring  competent tech professionals, with the number expected  to increase significantly in the next  five years.

The Sri Lanka Association for Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM) together with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) launched their most recent findings through a comprehensive report that provides an in-depth analysis of the emerging human resource management trends and practices in the Sri Lankan IT/BPM sector, providing vital information on creating strategies to attract, engage and retain the requisite talent required to drive the industry forward. 

Ashique. M. Ali, Chairman of SLASSCOM, Shehani Seneviratne, SLASSCOM Board Director and Head of the HR Forum and Women Technopreneur Forum, along with Dilini Peiris, HR Forum Manager in collaboration with the SLASSCOM Tech & Capacity Forums have been instrumental in steering execution of this report. 

The key intention of the Skills Survey Report is to identify the skills landscape in the IT and BPM industry, both in terms of current and future demand and use this information to produce graduates at the required levels of quantity and quality from the university and education system. Information was also gathered on latest and trending technologies, platforms and programming languages, to meet the demands and future requirements of the IT/BPM industry.

The survey findings indicated that IT/BPM companies will be required to embrace a range of emerging technologies to provide more efficient and effective solutions, while also suggesting that these emerging technologies will drive skill demand over the next 18 months. Therefore, re-skilling of the workforce in these technologies will be the way forward for the industry, to capture business opportunities especially in technology-focused sectors. 

Speaking of the value that can be derived from the report, Immediate past Chairperson of SLASSCOM Sandra De Zoysa stated “the main objective of this employability skills survey is to assess the skills landscape and to understand whether the candidates from our universities and higher educational institutes are addressing the prerequisites of the IT/BPM industry. We want the industry and education sector to work in tandem to further elevate the skills capacity, quality, and standards to meet the fast-changing acceleration of the world today and into the future. From SLASSCOM’s end, we will work on improving the employability of undergraduates in the IT/BPM industry and devise appropriate interventions to educate and equip faculties to impart necessary skills that will support the sector.”

The Employability Skills Survey Report is currently available for free downloading on the main SLASSCOM website – 

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