SLASSCOM launches Global Referral Programme for Royal College OBA in UK, US, and Australia

October 27, 2021




SLASSCOM recently launched its Global Referral Programme (GRP) for the Royal College Old Boys Association, targeting the UK, USA and Australia. The GRP is aimed at increasing export revenue for IT and BPM companies by connecting them with business opportunities via a global network of channel partners and influencers.

The Sri Lanka Association of Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM) has been a trailblazer for the IT/BPM sector in Sri Lanka by continuously supporting the growth of the industry to reach global heights, with proactive strategies launched for local businesses to establish lucrative connections in the international market.

SLASSCOM acts as the facilitator in the GRP, providing information to referrers, hosting networking opportunities, and tracking and monitoring progress. All companies partnered in the programme are bound by a common Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), ensuring the interests of all parties are protected and that the process is convenient. The programme covers six verticals: software products/solutions, software development services, BPO, KPO, digital agencies and AI/ML service providers.

The webinar, moderated by SLASSCOM GT&I Forum Program Manager Lakshmi Jaliyagodage, was held in late September 2021 catering to the Royal College Old Boys Association, kicked off with a speech by SLASSCOM Past Chairman Channa Manoharan  who highlighted why Sri Lanka is the IT/BPM destination of choice and stated: “Sri Lanka, from its inception, recognised the importance of innovation and value engineering, and has carved out a niche in delivering solutions by embracing emerging technologies. This is fueled by our innate ability and mindset of collaboration and partnership, which has fueled many international brands. In 2018, the industry stakeholders came together to create a unified brand known as the Island of Ingenuity (IOI). This brand represents what our partners and our clients have told us time and time again on why they prefer to work with Sri Lankan talent and organisations.

He further added that “Sri Lanka’s IT/BPM industry has achieved its success by being creative, flexible, agile, and hospital, while being pro-individuality and expressing high EQ, values that are being inculcated in the future generations as well.

The GRP was introduced to the attendees by Workstream Head Mudith Uswatte, who highlighted how a new generation of companies are poised for global growth, but need assistance to increase visibility for their brands, get introduced to potential clients, and received opportunities to prove their capabilities and develop long-term relationships in their target markets.“It is with this need in mind that we came up with the Global Referral Program,” said Uswatte. “The idea behind the GRP is to leverage the Sri Lankan ex-pats who know Sri Lankan companies and their capabilities and are keen to help the companies and our talent pool thrive to make connections between our local IT/BPM companies and global companies that could aid them in their journey. What we have created through the GRP is an easy way for any ex-pat to introduce a potential business opportunity to an IT/BPM company here.”

He went on to break down the GRP process, from becoming a referrer to how to communicate a lead found in their respective market to the pitching effort at the end of the chain. SLASSCOM’s role in the process involves many value additions, including the circulation of information about the companies to referrers, facilitating opportunities for referrers and companies to familiarise themselves with each other, and progress follow-ups, among others. The benefits for all stakeholders involved and the industry and economy overall were also discussed.

The IT/BPM companies thereafter had the opportunity to present their products and services directly to the attendees and work on a number of networking opportunities with the audience.

The webinar concluded successfully with a wider understanding of how the GRP can contribute to uplifting the Sri Lankan IT/BPM industry while promoting benefits for local companies, and in taking Sri Lanka’s unique and innovative offerings to the global stage.

SLASSCOM is the national chamber for the knowledge and innovation industry in Sri Lanka with   over 300 member companies accounting for 90% of the IT-BPM industry export revenue, with the potential to become the No. 1 export revenue earner for the country, has been a forerunner in establishing new connections for Sri Lankan IT-BPM companies to reach global markets, and is now accelerating momentum through the GRP to increase exports of IT products, services and solutions.

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