What we do

We are the chamber for the knowledge and innovation industry driving its growth and paving its way into the future.

Taking a wide-angle approach to the whole scope of the industry


SLASSCOM is firmly focused on particular goals and objectives

  1. Market and Demand Generation
  2. Capacity and Skills Development
  3. All-inclusive access and focus


Business Process Management Forum

Building BPM capacity, market share and FDI in niche areas Sri Lanka to sustain a competitive advantage

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Forum

Initiate, incubate and accelerate disruptive innovative product start- ups and showcase technical and product innovations.

Environmental & Social Governance Forum

To drive Sri Lanka’s sustainability journey and support the country to emerge as the green energy driven IT/BPM destination

Global Trade & Investment Forum

Positioning Sri Lanka’s competitive advantage among key markets, increasing global market share and FDI.

Women Technopreneurs Forum

To create a positive change across the tech ecosystem in Sri Lanka and promote women technopreneurs, startups & businesses with the potential to generate FDI into the cou

Centers of Excellence

Artificial Intelligence CoE

Positioning Sri Lanka as a key competency centre for Artificial Intelligence in Asia.

Cyber Security CoE

Elevating Sri Lanka to a global cybersecurity hub, to offer cutting-edge cyber security products and services across the globe.

Product and Platform Council

Enabling Sri Lankan enterprises to create high technology products and platforms that would attract global demand.


GT&I / Enhancing Trade & Investment

GT&I is a driver of engagement, collaboration and exposure for Sri Lanka’s IT and BPM industry. We do this through partnerships and MoUs with important entities like DoC, MOFE, EBD, BOI, ICTA in order to make investing in Sri Lanka a great choice for companies and individuals looking for opportunities in IT and BPM. Trade and Investment events form an integral part of this initiative. The calendar includes local as well as international events that facilitate exposure and engagement with important markets.  We forge long term relationships with foreign embassies and missions, paving the way for our members to place their business and ideas on the global stage. At the same time we are a  guide to inbound investors who are considering their options in Sri Lanka. Integral to the whole process is the upskilling and capacity building in Sri Lankan sales & marketing teams through regular and varied training that’s designed to create visibility and paint the industry in a positive light.

TALENT + / Industry capacity development

The Capacity, Academy, HR and WTech forums of SLASSCOM form the basis of this initiative that aims to make Sri Lanka’s IT and BPM workforce a smart, up to date, inclusive, in-demand and happy group of people.  From catching them young with the TECKIDS program, to the G2C programs connecting universities with companies, training programs for every level of skill and achievement, along with drives to encourage more women into busines , TALENT+ takes an all-round approach to nurturing the industry and its people. With constant collaboration and information sharing between the forums, this initiative will ensure the industry is stacked with individuals and groups who can make a real difference and play meaningful parts in Sri Lanka’s tec journey.

ESG / Adoption of ESG practices across SLASSCCOM Membership

Adopting ESG practices is a top priority for SLASSCOM, not just to fall in line with global standards but to kick-start sustainable practices throughout Sri Lanka’s business landscape. We believe that its implementation will lead to better outcomes for business, our people and the planet as a whole.  The ESG forum is working to create a baseline standard for all members to adopt, proceeding into knowledge sharing and education, zero plastic/waste initiatives, female entrepreneurship, Tech for Good and creating a Green Digital Economy. In adopting these standards SLASSCOM intends Sri Lanka’s IT and BPM industry to be up among the picks of investors who look to sustainability as an indicator of a country’s progress and potential.

Our CoEs and forums range far and wide. Please do get in touch.