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AICx acts as a nexus, bringing together AI enthusiasts, experts, and advocates from diverse sectors to collaboratively shape Sri Lanka’s future in AI. By forging partnerships with global AI leaders, AICx is accelerating the adoption of AI technologies, thereby opening new avenues of opportunity for the nation. ​

Notably, SLASSCOM has spearheaded efforts like the AI Asia Summit and the introduction of a comprehensive AI policy framework, further solidifying its commitment to the AI ecosystem. As part of this ongoing initiative, AICx is actively restructuring its operational framework to better align with its refined objectives.​


Objectives and initiatives

Objectives and initiatives. The Women Technopreneurs forum is connected to the SLASSCOM key target which is growing the IT/BPM industry to generate revenue of USD 5 billion in exports while creating 200,000 highly skilled workforce and facilitating 1,000 startups by 2025. To achieve these goals, SLASSCOM has ‘forums and accelerators’ which are sub-groups who will take up the hands-on efforts which will help us succeed delivering the required outcome. Specifically, In order to achieve the goal of 1,000 startups by 2025, there is a requirement to harness the potential of female tech entrepreneurs.

Impact to be created by the forum

Skill Development

Elevating the AI skill level among professionals and students.​

Global Connections

Building valuable international networks in the AI field.​

Job Creation

Opening new job opportunities in the AI sector.​

Policy Influence

Actively contributing to the shaping of government policies on AI.​

Business Growth

Attracting investments and fostering partnerships in AI.​

Ethical Standards

Advocating for the responsible and ethical use of AI technologies.​


Thothathri Vaikuntam​
AICx Board Lead
HCL Technologies​ Centre Head & Resident Director​
Tharindhu Adhikari​
AICx Lead
CBC Technologies​ Data Scientist​
Sheran Dunlas​
AICx Program Manager
SLASSCOM Corp Office​ Manager – Forums​
Shanaka Fernando
Director/GM - WNS Global Service (pvt) Ltd
Shanaka Fernando
Director/GM - WNS Global Service (pvt) Ltd

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