Cyber security centre of excellence CSCx

Cybersecurity is a cornerstone in the modern digital landscape, a sector of growing importance and opportunity. Recognizing this, SLASSCOM has established the Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (CSCx). Our primary aim is to make Sri Lanka a recognized global hub for cybersecurity solutions. ​

We are committed to driving innovation, fostering talent, and enabling an ecosystem that meets global standards in cybersecurity. By uniting industry experts, educational institutions, and startups, we aim to cultivate a collaborative environment. This synergy is designed to accelerate the growth of the cybersecurity sector, ultimately benefiting both the local and global communities.​

Objectives and initiatives

Objectives and initiatives. The Women Technopreneurs forum is connected to the SLASSCOM key target which is growing the IT/BPM industry to generate revenue of USD 5 billion in exports while creating 200,000 highly skilled workforce and facilitating 1,000 startups by 2025. To achieve these goals, SLASSCOM has ‘forums and accelerators’ which are sub-groups who will take up the hands-on efforts which will help us succeed delivering the required outcome. Specifically, In order to achieve the goal of 1,000 startups by 2025, there is a requirement to harness the potential of female tech entrepreneurs.

Impact to be created by the forum

Market Access

Facilitate the entry of local cybersecurity services and products into global markets.​


Build and improve the professional skillset needed for a vibrant cybersecurity industry.


Create an environment that encourages the growth and scalability of cybersecurity startups.​


Establish a robust network of service providers, startups, and educational institutions focused on cybersecurity.​

Research & Development

Encourage research and development activities that contribute to cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.​

Brand Positioning

Strengthen the national brand by consistently delivering high-quality cybersecurity products and services.​


Thothathri Vikuntam
CSCx Board Lead
HCL Technologies​ Centre Head & Resident Director​
Dhaminda Siriwardena​
CSCx Lead
Zone24x7​ Head of Engineering & Services​
Sheran Dunlas
CSCx Program Manager
SLASSCOM Corp Office​ Manager – Forums​

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Collaboration between SLASSCOM CSCX and (ISC)² Colombo Chapter: Strengthening The Cybersecurity Ecosystem In Sri Lanka
27 February 2023
SLASSCOM and International Finance Corporation Holds The Inaugural Women In Tech Conference 2023
23 February 2023
Women Technopreneurs