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The SLASSCOM Technology Forum is a pivotal entity committed to elevating Sri Lanka’s technological landscape to international standards. Acting as an interface between academia and industry, the forum cultivates a conducive ecosystem for innovation and intellectual property creation. ​

Through targeted initiatives, we aim to harness the nation’s unique competitive advantages—agility, cost-effectiveness, and specialized talent—to achieve global recognition. Our endeavors are designed to upskill professionals, foster collaborative innovation, and ultimately contribute to establishing Sri Lanka as a distinguished technology hub within the Global market.​

Objectives and initiatives

Impact to be created by the forum

Enhanced Industry Readiness

Through initiatives like Bootcamps and the RealWorldTech Series, we have prepared hundreds of undergraduates, freshers, and interns for industry demands.​

Global Exposure

Our EmTech Conference has brought in global experts, providing local professionals with insights into emerging technologies and global best practices.​

Awareness and Education

The Emerging Tech Webinar Series has helped build awareness and understanding of new technologies among professionals and students alike.​

Skill Upscaling

Our workshops have helped professionals acquire new skills and competencies, keeping them on par with global standards.​

Community Building

Created a collaborative community of industry experts, academicians, and emerging professionals who can share knowledge and opportunities.​

Boosted National Profile

Through our collective efforts, we've contributed to positioning Sri Lanka as a vibrant and competitive tech ecosystem in the Global market.​


Thothathri Vaikuntam​
Tech Forum Board Lead
Centre Head & Resident Director​ - HCL Technologies​
Dhaminda Siriwardena​
Tech Forum Co-Lead
Head of Engineering & Services​ - Zone24x7​
Prabath Fernando​
Head of Architecture - LSEG
Sheran Dunlas
Tech Forum Program Manager
SLASSCOM Corp Office​ Manager – Forums

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Upcoming Events

Activities & Bulletin

Exploring Future Technologies: SLASSCOM to hold the “Emtech Conference 2023” this June
23 February 2023
Exploring Future Technologies: SLASSCOM to hold the “Emtech Conference 2023” this June
23 February 2023