Driving both industry growth and sustainable development to position Sri Lanka as a strategic partner in the global market, focusing on ESG strategy.

SLASSCOM ESG Initiative, Policies practices within the Industry

Today we compete in a global market for Business and if SLASSCOM is to win, we need to address the ‘Code Red for Humanity’ by differentiating Sri Lanka as a leader in ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) strategy that will be a key influencer for prioritizing Sri Lanka as its strategic partner ahead of other unsustainable destinations.

By making Sri Lanka a ‘Sustainable IT/BPM Solutions’ provider would be a key value driver and differentiator that would fuel the growth of the industry while contributing significantly towards global and national sustainable development priorities.

SLASSCOM ESG Code of Conduct


We commit to diversity and inclusion in workforce and equal opportunity of all staff regardless of age gender, race, religion and sexuality.


We commit to responsible and sustainable disposal of E-Waste.


We will take measures to reduce carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy sources, reduce travel and energy efficiency.


We commit to off setting out carbon footprint through carbon setting and planting of trees.


We commit to inclusive growth, using workforce and developing capability around Sri Lanka, Secure our customer and employees’ information though world class information security protocols, to uphold and strengthen the wellbeing, both physical and mental within our workforce.


We commit to the use of technology for good, and innovation that promotes sustainability, sustainable practices enforced and encourage sustainability practices throughout the supply chain including with suppliers.

Recommended Practices within the Industry

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

This code sets out SLASSCOM’s commitment to conducting our work ethically, and the standard of conduct expected of our employees, namely corporate office staff Board of Directors, General Council and other volunteers.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

It is strictly prohibited for any Personnel to pay or accept bribes to obtain any improper business or other advantage within the chamber and its activities.

Information Security Management Policy

Policies, processes, and tools are designed and deployed to protect sensitive information and data assets from unauthorized access. These are revolved around three core aspects of information security: confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Business Continuity Management Policy

framework for the organization to respond to internal and external threats and ensures the organization's preparedness, resilience and ability to continue delivering its mandate when such threats occur.

Enterprise Data Privacy Policy

Processes in place to deliver, manage and monitor security across all data repositories and objects within the corporate office and Member Companies.

Recruitment Policy

Eligibility on ‘right to work’ checks for all employees in order to safeguard against human trafficking or forced labor. We conduct job rotations so that no employee is restricted to one particular assignment for a long period of time.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity consists of ensuring that all employees are given equal access to training, promotion, appointment or any other employment related issue without regard to any factor not related to their competency and ability to perform their duties.

Harassment-Free Workplace Policy

All individuals in the corporate office and volunteer force are expected and required to conduct themselves in accordance with the standards and principles established by the Policy even in the absence of a complaint of harassment. Harassment in any form will not be tolerated.

Grievance Policy

A grievance procedure for an employee to raise a problem or complaint to their employer. The employee can raise a grievance if they feel raising it informally has not worked. Very serious issues, for example sexual harassment or whistleblowing.

Human Rights Policy

This policy sets our SLASSCOM’s aims to fulfill responsibility to respect human dignity and rights with regard to our workforce /volunteer and member company employees. SLASSCOM will not tolerate human rights abuses and will not engage or be complicit in any activity that solicits or encourages human rights abuse.

Sustainability Policy

Environment, Health and Safety Policy Environmental Responsibility Policy