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Women Technopreneurs Forum

In order to achieve the goal of 1,000 start-ups by 2025, SLASSCOM needs to harness the potential of female tech entrepreneurs. Woman Technopreneurs Forum, is an initiative by SLASSCOM to create positive change across the tech ecosystem in Sri Lanka and fuel more female led startups within the IT and BPM Industry.

To create positive change across the tech ecosystem in Sri Lanka, to support, promote and grow women Technopreneurs, Startups & businesses with a majority or equal shareholding or CxO Level, involvement by women with the potential to generate additional export revenue into the country.

The forum will operate and Focus on 4 Pillars - Skills Development, Mentorship & Networking, Funding & Sponsorship and also PR Pillar which cuts across all Pillars in order to deliver its objectives.

The Sri Lanka Association of Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM) acts as the catalyst of growth for the Sri Lankan IT and BPM industry by facilitating trade and business, propagation of education and employment, encouragement of research and innovation, thereby supporting the creation of a progressive national policy framework. SLASSCOM drives the Imagination Economy: Sri Lanka’s Industry of the future, with the potential to become the #1 export revenue earner for Sri Lanka by 2025

SLASSCOM’s  Vision for 2025 is to:
– Generate USD 5.0 billion of revenue
– Create 200,000 direct jobs
– Establish 1000 IT/BPM startups


Digital Transformation and Social Impact

Digital Transformation and Social Impact

The Digital Revolution is accelerating social development across every sector, from health to agriculture, financial services, education etc. These powerful new capabilities, properly harnessed, have the potential to supercharge well-being for many more people. But they bring challenges in innovation and how to effectively scale to improve millions of lives long-term. In many cases, we have the tools and technology to make a difference, but they sit on laboratory shelves. What we need are more technopreneurs focused on building out those ideas to connect with the daily lives of real communities.

Food for thought for the potential technopreneurs,

  • How will tech transform and impact different sectors? (Health, agriculture, finance, education etc)
  • What are some leading digital tools/technologies being used to positively impact communities around the world today? (AI, AR, VR etc)
  • Why is scaling innovations becoming more important today?
  • How can technopreneurs navigate the inherent challenges these tech tools present, while leveraging them to bring about social change?



december, 2021




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  1. Who runs WTec Hackathon?

WTec Hackathon runs by Women Technopreneurs Forum which was an initiative of SLASSCOM

  1. Who can participate?

If you are a lady & if you like to experience a hackathon, then you can participate

  1. How many participants per team?

Minimum of 3 - Maximum of 5

  1. What happens at a Hackathon?

You build your solution with your buddies within 24 hours and present it to a judge panel. It’s simple as that.

  1. Is this targeted to a specific Technology?

Not really. But we are specific on Digital Transformation and Social Impact theme

  1. Can only techies participate to the Hackathon?

Not at all. You can contribute to your team in various ways, such as business, financial, operation, or strategy

  1. Can I work on an existing project?

Nope. You have to propose a new solution under the provided theme

  1. How much it cost to participate?

Nothing specific (other than your usual bill for electricity & data usage)

  1. Where will this be held?

This is a Virtual Hackthon. So you can stay wherever you want. But we think it would be easy if all your team members stay together (its up to you & your team actually)

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